A total of 4,577 new city scholars from the EMBO Barangays will benefit from the LANI Scholarship Program for the first time. The Taguig City local government is delighted to support the education of the city's youth, providing them with opportunities to achieve their academic dreams.

The orientation program was a significant event, with scholars and their parents in attendance. The parents gained a comprehensive understanding of the program's design and intention, ensuring they are well-informed about the support their children will receive.

The LANI Scholarship Program is a testament to the city's commitment to education and the development of its future leaders. The local government of Taguig expressed its joy in being able to support the academic endeavors of these young individuals, emphasizing the importance of education in building a brighter future for the community.

For those interested in participating in the program, the Taguig Scholarships Secretariat is open for inquiries and assistance. The city encourages all eligible students to take advantage of this opportunity and reach out to the secretariat for more information.

This scholarship program is a part of the city's ongoing efforts to prioritize education and provide resources for students to succeed. The local government's support is a crucial step in ensuring that every child in Taguig has access to quality education and the tools needed to excel.


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