If you are thinking, "what are the 10 barangays transferred to Taguig?" Here's a brief description for EMBO barangays that are now part of Taguig City.

What are EMBO Barangays?

Embo (sometimes capitalized as EMBO; from "Enlisted Men's Barrio") refers to a collective term for barangays administered in a de facto state by the city government of Makati but de jure of the city government of Taguig after the Supreme Court sided with the City of Taguig denying any further legal remedies to Makati.

The barangays were originally established to house military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The area is part of the larger disputed Fort Bonifacio area which is claimed by the local governments of Pateros and Taguig.

Supreme Court Decision

After the decision of the Supreme Court on April 27, 2022 that the 2011 Pasig RTC ruling declares that the 729 ha (7.29 km2) Bonifacio Global City complex, the EMBO barangays named Pembo, Comembo, Cembo, South Cembo, West Rembo, East Rembo, and Pitogo, are now under the jurisdiction of the Taguig city government.

In 2023, the Supreme Court has rejected the Makati City government's motion asking the high court to allow it to file a second motion for reconsideration over its territorial dispute with Taguig City.

In a press release, the SC PIO said its Special Third Division resolved to deny the Makati government’s second omnibus notion.

“Consequently, the Court noted without action the City of Makati’s second motion for reconsideration challenging the Court’s decision dated December 1, 2021. A second motion for reconsideration is generally prohibited under the Rules of Court,” it said.

10 Barangays Transferred from Makati to Taguig

Here's the list of 10 barangays that are now under Taguig City's jurisdiction:
  1. Pembo
  2. Comembo
  3. Cembo
  4. East Rembo
  5. West Rembo
  6. South Cembo
  7. Pitogo
  8. Northside
  9. Southside
  10. Rizal

Aerial view of University of Makati and the rest of West Rembo in 2010's


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