The Taguig Scholarship Office has recently announced on their official Facebook page that the link for the LANI Scholarship Online Application for Senior High School graduates will be released soon.

The announcement has generated excitement among prospective applicants who are eager to avail of the financial assistance offered by the LANI Scholarship Program. The office emphasized the importance of enrolling in their desired university or college before applying for the scholarship.


Qualified Applicants

To be eligible for the L.A.N.I. Scholarship Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Residency: Must be a bona fide resident of Taguig City for at least three years immediately preceding the application.

  • Voter Registration: Must be a registered voter of the City if 18 years old or older, with at least one parent also a registered voter of Taguig City.

  • Moral Character: Should possess good moral character, evidenced by both documentation and actions.

  • Commitment: Must demonstrate a determination to finish their chosen course or pass the bar/board examination.

  • Service: Should show a commitment to love and serve Taguig City.

Taguig City Universities and Colleges

This step ensures that applicants can seamlessly transition into their chosen higher education institutions with the support of the scholarship.


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