Here's all you need to know about TLC Partner School.

What is TLC Scholarship Program

The TLC scholarship program collaborates with 56 private schools, offering elementary school graduates the opportunity to pursue their education at a private institution. Through this initiative, students receive a tuition fee subsidy of up to P18,000, along with an annual educational assistance of P10,000.

What are TLC Partner Schools

TLC Partner Schools refer to the private educational institutions that collaborate with the Taguig Learners' Certificate (TLC) scholarship program. These schools provide opportunities for elementary school graduates to continue their education in a private setting. With the support of the TLC program, students receive financial assistance, including tuition fee subsidies and educational assistance, to pursue their studies in these partner schools. These institutions are committed to academic excellence and holistic development, providing students with quality education and opportunities for growth.

Here are the 56 TLC Partner Schools in Taguig:

How to Become a TLC Partner School

If you operate a private school in Taguig, adhere to the following guidelines to ensure your school is eligible for inclusion as one of the TLC Partner Schools.

What is TCU-CEAA: How to Avail Taguig City University Educational Assistance Allowance (Qualifications and Application)


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