As an integral part of the Southern Police District - NCRPO, the Taguig City Police Station serves as a cornerstone of security and public service dedicated to safeguarding the dynamic communities of Taguig City.

The Taguig City Police Station offers an array of programs and services focused on promoting safety, security, and community engagement. Among these services, the following stand out:

Police Clearance Processing: Citizens can conveniently apply for Police Clearance during specified hours at the station. The process involves document submission, verification, fingerprinting, and biometric scanning, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for applicants.

Crime Prevention Awareness: Hosting seminars and workshops to educate the community on crime prevention strategies and safety measures.

Traffic Management: Collaborating with local traffic authorities to ensure efficient traffic flow and enforce road safety regulations.

Community Policing: Building strong relationships with residents through community policing programs aimed at enhancing trust and cooperation.

Emergency Response: Providing prompt responses to emergency calls and assisting during crisis situations to ensure the welfare and security of all residents.

The Taguig City Police Station embodies the commitment and dedication of law enforcement in safeguarding the well-being of Taguig City's residents. Through its range of services, including the streamlined process for Police Clearance issuance, and its focus on community engagement, the station remains steadfast in its mission to uphold peace, order, and public safety

Taguig City Police Station

Address: Taguig City Hall Complex, Gen. Luna St. Tuktukan, Taguig City
Contact Numbers: 09985987932, 02-8642-3582

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