In times of crisis, swift and efficient response is paramount. The city of Taguig, known for its commitment to the safety and well-being of its residents, has established a robust system of emergency hotlines.

These helplines serve as lifelines, connecting individuals in urgent situations to the appropriate authorities and services promptly.

Whether it's a medical emergency, fire incident, or reporting a crime, the Taguig Emergency Hotlines play a pivotal role in ensuring rapid response and assistance.

For health issues and concerns, visit our list of Health Centers in Taguig with location and contact numbers.

Being aware of these hotlines can make a significant difference in critical moments, underscoring the city's dedication to the safety and security of its community members.

Taguig Emergency Hotlines

In case of emergency, please contact:

Command Center
  • (02) 8789-3200 

Taguig Rescue 
  • 0919-070-3112

Taguig PNP
  • (02) 8642-3582 
  • 0998-598-7932

Taguig BFP
  • (02) 8837-0740
  • (02) 8837-4496
  • 0906-211-0919

EMBO One-Stop Shop Volunteer Center
  • 0966-170-3025
  • 0926-661-2230 
  • 0926-661-2234
  • 0962-057-9590
  • 0950-356-1320 


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