Taguig City, a bustling urban center in the Philippines, is home to a diverse array of public educational institutions catering to learners from elementary through tertiary levels.

From traditional elementary schools to specialized science high schools, Taguig's public school system is committed to providing quality education to its residents. These public schools are mandated and supervised by the DepEd Philippines under Schools Division Office (SDO) of Taguig City and Pateros (TAPAT) to ensure access to quality education for every young Taguigeño.

Let's delve into the rich tapestry of public schools that shape the academic landscape of Taguig.

Public Elementary Schools

Taguig's public elementary schools serve as the foundation for young learners, nurturing their intellectual curiosity and fostering a love for learning. Here are some of the notable elementary institutions:

  1. Bagong Tanyag Elementary School - Main
  2. Bagong Tanyag Elementary School Annex A
  3. Cipriano P. Santa Teresa Elementary School
  4. Ciriaco P. Tiñga Elementary School
  5. Comembo Elementary School
  6. Daanghari Elementary School
  7. East Rembo Elementary School
  8. Enlisted Men's Signal Village Elementary School
  9. Eusebio C. Santos Elementary School
  10. Fort Bonifacio Elementary School
  11. Maharlika Elementary School
  12. Pembo Elementary School
  13. Ricardo P. Cruz, Sr. Elementary School
  14. Rizal Elementary School
  15. Silangan Elementary School
  16. Tenement Elementary School
  17. Tibagan Elementary School
  18. Tipas Elementary School
  19. Upper Bicutan Elementary School
  20. Ususan Elementary School
  21. West Rembo Elementary School

These elementary schools provide a nurturing environment for students to develop foundational academic skills and personal growth.

Public High Schools

Taguig's public high schools offer comprehensive secondary education programs, preparing students for higher education and beyond. The following are prominent high schools in the city:

  1. Bagumbayan National High School
  2. Benigno "Ninoy" S. Aquino High School
  3. Fort Bonifacio High School
  4. General Ricardo Papa Memorial High School (Main and Annex)
  5. Maria Asuncion Rodriguez Tiñga High School
  6. President Diosdado Macapagal High School
  7. Signal Village National High School
  8. Taguig National High School
  9. Tipas National High School
  10. Upper Bicutan National High School
  11. Western Bicutan National High School

These institutions provide a supportive learning environment and a range of academic and extracurricular opportunities for students to explore their interests and talents.

Integrated and Specialized Schools

Taguig also boasts integrated and specialized schools that cater to specific educational needs:

  1. Kapitan Eddie T. Reyes Integrated School
  2. Kapt. Jose Cardones Integrated School
  3. Napindan Integrated School
  4. Palar Integrated School
  5. Taguig Integrated School

These schools offer innovative educational approaches and specialized programs to address the diverse learning requirements of students.

Science High Schools

Taguig is proud to host science high schools that emphasize STEM education:

  1. Makati Science High School
  2. Taguig Science High School
  3. Sen. Renato "Compañero" Cayetano Memorial Science and Technology High School

These institutions provide rigorous academic programs and hands-on learning experiences to prepare students for careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Public Tertiary Institutions

1. Philippine Public Safety College
2. Polytechnic University of the Philippines - PUP Taguig
3. Technological University of the Philippines Taguig Campus
5. Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)
6. University of Makati
7. University of the Philippines BGC

These tertiary institutions offer diverse academic programs, ranging from technical and vocational courses to undergraduate and graduate degrees, catering to the educational needs of students pursuing various career paths.

In conclusion, Taguig's public schools stand as beacons of knowledge, empowerment, and community engagement. Through dedication, innovation, and collaboration, these institutions continue to shape the minds and futures of generations of learners, contributing to the city's growth and development.


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