In the bustling heart of Taguig City, where the urban landscape meets the essence of education, EM's Signal Village Elementary School has stood tall as a beacon of knowledge and growth for more than five decades.

EM's Signal Village Elementary School (ESVES)

Established in the year 1970, this institution has become an integral part of the local community, offering free education and shaping the future of countless young minds.

ESVES is located next to Signal Village National High School (SVNHS) along Ballecer St. in Central Signal, Taguig City. The public school is mandated and supervised by the DepEd Philippines under Schools Division Office (SDO) of Taguig City and Pateros (TAPAT) to ensure access to quality education for every young Taguigeño.

The Early Days

EM's Signal Village Elementary School was founded with a vision to provide accessible and quality education to the residents of Taguig.

In 1970, this noble endeavor came to fruition as the school's doors swung open to welcome its first eager students. Since then, it has become a nurturing ground for learning, cultivating academic excellence and moral values among its students.

A Hub of Knowledge and Progress

Nestled in the heart of Barangay Central Signal, Taguig, EM's Signal Village Elementary School has continuously evolved, adapting its methods to meet the changing educational needs of the community. Offering classes from kindergarten to grade 6, the school has become a cornerstone of academic progression. Generations of students have passed through its halls, each leaving with not just a certificate but a wealth of knowledge and a sense of purpose.

The Gift of Free Education

One of the most remarkable aspects of EM's Signal Village Elementary School is its commitment to providing free education. This noble initiative ensures that every child, regardless of their economic background, has access to the transformative power of knowledge. By removing financial barriers, the school has become a catalyst for social change, empowering families and uplifting communities.

Located on Ballecer Street, Barangay Central Signal, Taguig, EM's Signal Village Elementary School stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of education. Its address is not just a physical location but a symbol of hope and aspiration for the students who walk through its gates daily. Here, dreams take flight, and ambitions find roots, creating a legacy of empowered individuals who contribute meaningfully to society.

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EM's Signal Village Elementary School

School ID: 136885
Address: Ballecer St., Brgy. Central Signal, Taguig City


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