Formerly known as Taguig Elementary School, the Taguig Integrated School stands as a testament to the enduring commitment to education that has shaped the fabric of the community for generations.

Taguig Elementary School History

The humble beginnings of Taguig Elementary School trace back to the turn of the 20th century, when it first opened its doors with just five teachers and a handful of pupils under the leadership of Mr. Jose Pagtakhan.

From its inception in 1901 to 1906, the school operated out of a simple kamalig-type classroom, symbolizing the nascent stages of what would become a cornerstone of Taguig's educational landscape.

During its early years, the school received a significant boost from Ignacio Beltran, a benevolent citizen of Taguig, who generously donated a 14,324 square meter grass field to support the cause of basic education in the area. This act of philanthropy laid the groundwork for the school's expansion and growth in the years to come.

Gabaldon Building

In 1917-1928, the Gabaldon building—a hallmark of democratic education—was erected, becoming an enduring symbol of Taguig's commitment to providing quality education to its youth. Despite facing various natural calamities over the years, this iconic structure has stood the test of time, serving as a living testament to the resilience and perseverance of the Taguig community.

Gabaldon Building in 1950s

This is one of the cultural properties in Taguig built in 1918 as part of the former Tagig Lower School (Taguig Integrated School). It was designed by architect William Parsons under Act No. 1801, under the supervision of Isauro Gabaldon.

In 2018, R.A. No. 11194 or the "Gabaldon School Buildings Conservation Act" was inaugurated, which mandates the preservation and maintenance of Gabaldon buildings nationwide.

As Taguig's population grew, so too did the school, with expansions and improvements made to accommodate the increasing number of students. During the pre-war period of 1931-1940, additional buildings, including a shop, were constructed, further enhancing the school's capacity to meet the educational needs of the community.

Taguig Integrated School

In August 2015, Taguig Elementary School underwent a transformation, evolving into Taguig Integrated School—a move that reflected its commitment to providing a comprehensive and inclusive educational experience to its students.

Taguig Integrated School is mandated and supervised by the DepEd Philippines under Schools Division Office (SDO) of Taguig City and Pateros (TAPAT) to ensure access to quality education for every young Taguigeño.

Taguig Integrated School as seen from Pulong Kendi

Driven by the collective efforts of dedicated stakeholders, including parents, faculty, staff, and the visionary leadership of the school principal, Taguig Integrated School continues to uphold its mission of providing quality education and shaping the minds of tomorrow's leaders. As it looks towards the future, the school remains steadfast in its commitment to preserving its heritage while nurturing the minds and spirits of the generations to come.

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Where is Taguig Integrated School Location?

Due to the absence of a direct jeepney route to Taguig Integrated School which is located in Barangay Santa Ana, here are the transportation options you may take going to the school:

  1. From Plaza Quezon across Sta. Ana Church: If you are coming from Plaza Quezon, which is across Sta. Ana Church, you can take jeepneys from Tipas and Pasig areas. Upon reaching Plaza Quezon, you can either walk to your destination or take another mode of transportation from there.

  2. From Sta. Ana - Bambang Bridge: Another option is to take jeepneys from Bagumbayan, Bicutan, or Hagonoy areas that pass through Sta. Ana - Bambang Bridge. From there, you can either walk or take another mode of transportation to reach Taguig Integrated School.

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Since there is no direct jeepney route to the school, the most convenient and fastest way to get there is by taking a tricycle ride. Tricycles can be found in most streets and roads near Barangay Sta. Ana. You can simply flag down a tricycle and inform the driver of your destination.

It's advisable to ask locals or drivers for specific directions or landmarks near Taguig Integrated School to ensure you reach your destination with ease. Additionally, using navigation apps like Google Maps can be helpful in finding the best route to the school.

Taguig Integrated School

School ID: 500565
Address: Liwayway St., Sta. Ana, Taguig City
Contact No.: 0282755109


📌 Incoming Grade 7 (Including Transferees and Balik-aral)
When: August 14-23 (9:00AM-12:00NN)
Where: Junior High School Building, Ground Floor
What to bring:
* Photocopy of PSA Birthcertificate
* Report Card (SF9)
* Barangay Certificate (Student)
* Own Ballpen
Note: Grade 7 Students should be accompanied by their parents or guardian

📌Incoming Grade 8, 9, 10
When: August 14- 18
9:00AM-12:00NN (Grade 10)
1:00PM-3:00PM (Grade 8 and 9)
Where: Assigned Classrooms (Check the Masterlist from your previous adviser)
What to bring:
* Photocopy of PSA Birthcertificate
* Report Card (SF9)
* Own Ballpen

➡️Name of Section, Adviser and Room and Building assignment are indicated on the Masterlist that will be posted on August 7 in your previous Group Chat.
➡️Old Students are not required to be accompanied by their parents on enrollment day

📌Transferees and Balik-aral (Grade 8,9,10)
When: August 22-25 (9:00AM-3:00PM)
Where: Junior Highschool Building
Look for the Grade level Chairman
What to bring:
* Photocopy of PSA Birthcertificate
* Report Card (SF9)
* Barangay Certificate (Student)
* Own Ballpen
Note: Transferees should be accompanied by their parents or guardian

Enrollees are encourage to bring their Brigada Donations and give it to their respective advisers.

For more inquiries and other concerns, you may contact the committee in - charge of enrollment or visit the school.

Grade 7- Iris Servanda

Grade 8- Cristine Joy Llaver

Grade 9- Evelyn Arellano

Grade 10- Adan Jeremy Daras

Enrollment Chairperson- Helen Candaza


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