In the bustling metropolis of Taguig City, accessible and high-quality healthcare facilities are a cornerstone of the community's well-being.

The city's commitment to providing excellent medical services is reflected in its array of hospitals, each equipped with modern facilities and skilled healthcare professionals.

Whether you're seeking specialized treatments, emergency care, or routine medical services, Taguig's hospitals stand ready to serve the diverse needs of its residents and visitors.

For free check-ups and medicine, visit our list of Health Centers in Taguig with location and contact numbers.

1. St. Luke's Medical Center Global City:
One of the most renowned healthcare institutions in the Philippines, St. Luke's Medical Center Global City boasts world-class facilities and a team of dedicated medical experts. Specializing in a wide range of medical fields, St. Luke's is a beacon of advanced healthcare in Taguig.

2. The Medical City Clinic:
Situated in the heart of Taguig, The Medical City Clinic offers comprehensive healthcare services. From primary care to specialized treatments, this clinic is committed to delivering patient-centered medical services with a focus on excellence and compassion.

3. Taguig Pateros District Hospital:
Dedicated to providing accessible healthcare for the local community, Taguig Pateros District Hospital stands as a reliable institution. With a focus on primary care, this hospital caters to the medical needs of the residents, ensuring everyone has access to essential medical services.

4. Cruz-Rabe Hospital:
A trusted name in healthcare, Cruz-Rabe Hospital is committed to delivering personalized and attentive medical care. This hospital provides a range of services, including diagnostics, treatments, and surgeries, making it a vital healthcare asset in Taguig City.

5. Taguig Doctors' Hospital:
Known for its commitment to patient well-being, Taguig Doctors' Hospital offers a wide spectrum of medical services. From general medicine to specialized treatments, this hospital combines medical expertise with compassionate care, ensuring patients receive the best possible treatment.

6. Dr. Sabili General Hospital:
Dr. Sabili General Hospital is synonymous with quality healthcare in Taguig. With a team of skilled healthcare professionals and modern facilities, this hospital provides a diverse array of medical services, emphasizing preventive care and community health.

7. Fort Bonifacio General Hospital:
Fort Bonifacio General Hospital is a government-owned medical facility that caters to the healthcare needs of the military and civilian population. This hospital stands as a testament to the city's dedication to serving its diverse community, including the armed forces personnel.

In the dynamic landscape of Taguig City, these hospitals not only offer medical care but also contribute significantly to the city's overall health and well-being. Residents and visitors can find comfort in the knowledge that a robust healthcare network stands ready to address their medical needs promptly and effectively. By prioritizing accessible and quality healthcare, Taguig City ensures that its community members can lead healthy and fulfilling lives.


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