Taguig City University (TCU), a locally funded public university under the jurisdiction of the City government of Taguig, takes pride in its commitment to providing quality education.

For graduates residing within Taguig City as recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd), TCU offers a unique opportunity to continue their educational journey through the TCU Balik-Aral program.

Key Features of the TCU Balik-Aral Program

Inclusive Quality Education: TCU's Balik-Aral program aligns with Taguig City Government's vision for inclusive quality education. It enables eligible graduates to access higher education within their community.

Online Admission Application: Applying for the Balik-Aral program at TCU is both convenient and accessible. The online admission application process ensures ease of application, allowing returnee students to rejoin the academic community seamlessly.

No Collection Policy: TCU adheres to a strict "NO COLLECTION POLICY," reflecting the university's commitment to providing equal educational opportunities to all eligible candidates without financial barriers.

First Come, First Serve Basis: The Balik-Aral program operates on a "FIRST COME FIRST SERVE" basis. Returnee applicants are encouraged to apply promptly as admission is granted until the required quota per course is reached.

Application Requirements

To successfully apply for the Balik-Aral program, applicants need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Leave of Absence (LOA): Provide documentation regarding the leave of absence, if applicable.

  • PSA/NSO Birth Certificate: Submit a copy of the official birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or the National Statistics Office (NSO).

  • Certificate of Good Moral Character: Obtain a Certificate of Good Moral Character from TCU, demonstrating the applicant's positive standing within the academic community.

  • Last Year Level Attended and Course: Provide information about the last year level attended and the corresponding course of study.

  • Student COMELEC Certification: Include the Student COMELEC Certification, showcasing active participation in the student body.

  • ID Picture: Submit one (1) piece of a 2 x 2 ID picture with a white background and a name tag for identification purposes.

  • Admission Requirement Form (ARF): Download and complete the Admission Requirements Form (ARF). This form ensures that all necessary details are provided accurately.

TCU's Balik-Aral program is a gateway for returnee students to rediscover the joy of learning, enhance their skills, and pursue their academic aspirations. By embracing education as a lifelong journey, Taguig City University empowers its community members to shape a brighter future.

If you think you are ready now, here are the steps on How to Enroll to Taguig City University.

For first-time enrollees, here's a guide for TCU Freshmen Admission Application Process.


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