In the bustling and diverse city of Taguig, each barangay carries its unique history, culture, and identity.

The names of these barangays aren't just arbitrary labels; they are echoes of the city's past, reflecting centuries of heritage, stories, and evolution.

Join us on a fascinating journey as we delve into the etymologies and histories of Taguig's barangay names, uncovering the rich tapestry that makes up this dynamic city.

From the historical streets of Poblacion to the modern developments of Bonifacio Global City, we'll explore the origins and significance of each placename, shedding light on the vibrant history of Taguig.

Taguig Placename Etymologies

Here are the origin of the placenames in Taguig:
  • Bagumbayan - new town
  • Bambang - a Filipino word for "riverbank”, synonymous with “pampáng”
  • Bicutan (Central Bicutan, Lower Bicutan, Upper Bicutan and Western Bicutan) - old Tagalog word, meaning "to dig", referring to the digging for treasures in the area in its early history
  • Fort Bonifacio - Andrés Bonifacio, Filipino revolutionary and hero
  • Hagonoy - named for the hagonoy plant that was prevalent in the area 
  • Maharlika - old Tagalog word for "noble"
  • Napindan - old Tagalog word which means "pierced through," referring to the creation of a water channel in the area linking Laguna de Bay and the Pasig River
  • Palingon -  Filipino word for "to look back."
  • Pinagsama - Filipino word for "united" or "combined" in reference to the joining of seven villages.
  • San Miguel - patron San Miguel
  • Santa Ana - patron Santa Ana
  • Tanyag - former Taguig mayor Monico C. Tanyag (January 1, 1956 - December 31, 1975)
  • Tipas (Calzada-Tipas, Ibayo-Tipas and Ligid-Tipas) - old Tagalog word for "detour", referring to a meander in the river. Calzada is Spanish for "roadway," Ibayo is Old Tagalog for "opposite side," and Ligid is Old Tagalog for "surrounding."
  • Tuktukan - old Tagalog word for "a place where people wash clothes."
  • Ususan - old Tagalog word for "a place where the river drains or slides."
  • Wawa - old Tagalog word for "upstream."


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