Learn about this hundreds of years old village in Taguig.

About Ususan

Barangay Ususan is one of the 28 barangays of the City of Taguig in Metro Manila. Ususan is one of the 9 original villages from Taguig's foundation along with Bagumbayan, Bambang, Hagonoy, Palingon, Santa Ana, Tipas, Tuktukan and Wawa.

Ususan is located in the middle-top of Taguig city's map with the following boundaries:
  • Barangay Pinagsama to the west
  • Barangays Palingon, Calzada, Tuktukan to the upper east
  • Barangays Bambang, Katuparan and North Signal to the south

Welcome arch from Taguig-Pateros boundary along M. Almeda St.

History of Ususan

Ususan is one of the villages that make up Taguig when the said town was established as a pueblo or town under the jurisdiction of Tondo in 1587. According to the record of 1986, this village was inhabited by 8, 193 Filipinos.

The name Ususan was known to the people who lived there from the beginning. “Ususan” means a fat place where things above it descend. According to the results of the researches, in the past the current village was dense.

Those who live on the other side of the river are called Maysapang. The other is adjacent to the mountain range where the former Fort McKinley (Fort Bonifacio) lived.

When the Spaniards came in 1958 the people living in the mountains were expelled and they went down to the plains. Since then, the said village was called Ususan or Maysapang. It is also said that the first people living in Ususan came from Pasig.

Ususan is made up of four areas: Subaan, Ibaba Langos, Kili Banda and Pampangin. The village is shaped like the letter “U”.

Watch this walk tour in Ususan, Taguig:

Taguig Delicacy in Ususan

Ususan in Taguig (along with its neighbor town, Pateros) said to be the place where the Filipino dessert inutak originated from. Inutak is made with ube (purple yam) sandwiched between layers of bibingka (rice cakes).

Known Places in Ususan, Taguig

Here are notable and famous landmarks in Barangay Ususan:
  • Acacia Estates
  • New Taguig City Hall
  • SMDC Grace Residences
  • Medical Center Taguig
  • Vista Place Taguig

Acacia Estates entrance

Medical Center Taguig

SMDC Grace Residences

Vista Place Taguig

New Taguig City Hall construction as of July 2023

Schools in Ususan

High school
  • St. Ignatius of Loyola High School
  • Gen. Ricardo G. Papa Memorial High School
  • Senator Renato "Compañero" Cayetano Memorial Science and Technology High School

Ususan Elementary School (left), Gen. Ricardo G. Papa Memorial High School (right)

Elementary School
  • Ususan Elementary School
  • Dr. Artemio Natividad Elementary School
  • Fairyland Kindergarten & Grade School


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