The cityscape of Taguig is constantly evolving, and its recent inclusion of EMBO barangays formerly under Makati City's jurisdiction marks another significant milestone.

As the landscape changes, so does the need for updated maps.

In this guide, we explore the implications of this change, its demographic impact, and the recent Supreme Court affirmation that solidifies Taguig's territorial rights.

Taguig City's Evolution on Google Maps

Google Maps, the go-to navigation tool for millions, has played an essential role in providing updated and accurate geographic information. The recent update to Taguig City's map is a testament to the dynamic nature of urban development in the Philippines.

It now includes the 10 EMBO barangays that have been officially integrated into Taguig City's jurisdiction.

This development is a reflection of the city's ongoing expansion to accommodate its growing population and economic activities.

Population Growth in Taguig

The inclusion of these 10 EMBO barangays significantly boosts Taguig's population numbers. According to the 2015 census, Taguig already had a population of more than 800,000.

With the addition of these barangays, which are estimated to have more than 300,000 residents collectively, Taguig City is set to become one of the most populous cities not only in Metro Manila but also in the entire Philippines. This population growth underscores the city's attractiveness as a place to live and work.

Together with the 10 EMBO barangays, Taguig now has a total of 38 barangays under its jurisdiction.

The new Taguig map showing the inclusion of EMBO barangays

Territorial Dispute Resolution

The territorial dispute between Taguig City and Makati City has been a long-standing issue, with both cities claiming jurisdiction over the EMBO barangays. However, in a recent development this year, the Supreme Court affirmed the Regional Trial Court's ruling in favor of Taguig City.

This legal victory solidifies Taguig's territorial rights over the disputed areas, bringing an end to years of uncertainty and legal wrangling. This resolution is a testament to the rule of law and the importance of judicial decisions in settling such disputes.


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