The commitment of the Taguig city government to support its new residents in EMBO barangays has materialized through the provision of scholarship allowances to 387 recipients of the Lifeline Assistance for Neighbors In-need (LANI) Scholarship program from these communities.

These scholars were granted varying amounts, ranging from P15,000 to P110,000, dependent on the type of scholarship they received. Additionally, those who maintained a semestral weighted average of 88.75 and above were further rewarded with an additional P5,000.

These 387 individuals represent the initial group of scholars to receive their allowances from the EMBO barangays. However, the demand for scholarship assistance is soaring, with approximately 5,000 applicants from these communities vying for the same opportunity.

Prior to the distribution, the Taguig City government diligently reached out to qualified students, sending invitations and reminders about the LANI Scholarship program. Accepted applicants were promptly notified via email.

Taguig City Mayor Lani Cayetano emphasized the city's unwavering commitment to assisting all students in their pursuit of higher education. Regardless of academic ranking, the city aims to enable students to complete technical-vocational courses, undergraduate degrees, or even post-graduate studies.

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Mayor Cayetano emphasized, "We opened the scholarship program to all who want to study and continue college. In Taguig, we recognize that there are different kinds of intelligence and it is not measured in academic excellence alone. We believe that your gifts or your talents in art, music, or sports are also a form of intelligence."

One of the scholarship recipients, Ron Alvin Balbuena, a fourth-year Information Technology student at the University of Makati and a West Rembo resident, highlighted the difference in the scholarship approach. In Makati's previous scholarship program for West Rembo residents, only those with high grades qualified.

Balbuena expressed his gratitude, acknowledging that the Taguig scholarship allowance would significantly ease his parents' concerns regarding additional school expenses. His mother, Susan, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing how the LANI scholarship has lightened their financial burden.

Mayor Cayetano underscores the importance of investing in education, stating, "Investing in education is investing in the city's strong foundation."

The city government of Taguig has a remarkable track record in this regard, having supported over 83,000 scholars, resulting in the production of more than 3,500 licensed professionals. Among these scholars, over 50 have achieved outstanding results in board exams, including the top scorer in the latest Registered Electrical Engineering Board and the second-place finisher in the Criminology Board. Taguig's commitment to education continues to foster growth and opportunities for its residents.


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