Commuting in Taguig through jeepneys or Public Utility Jeepneys (PUJs) offers a vibrant and essential mode of transportation within the city. Taguig, a dynamic urban center in Metro Manila, boasts a network of jeepney routes that efficiently connect its diverse neighborhoods, bustling business districts, and key landmarks. For residents and visitors alike, navigating Taguig via jeepneys provides a convenient, affordable, and culturally enriching way to explore the city's various destinations

Taguig Jeepney Routes

These routes offer convenient transportation options for commuters traveling within Taguig and to neighboring cities such as Pasig and Pateros. Each route serves specific areas and provides access to various destinations within and around Taguig.

Bagumbayan (Taguig) - Pasig (TP) via San Joaquin

Route: Runs between Manuel L. Quezon, Muntinlupa City and Caruncho Ave. / Market Ave. Intersection, Pasig City

Main Stops: Gen. Santos Ave. at Lower Bicutan Intersection (access to C6 Road and DOST), MRT Avenue in Brgy. Hagonoy, Sta. Ana Church, Vista Mall Taguig, Levi Mariano (access to C5 Road), Pateros, San Joaquin (Pasig), Pasig Simbahan (Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Pasig)

Terminals: Sucat-Bagumbayan Boundary (Manuel L. Quezon) and Pasig Market

Fort Bonifacio Gate 3 - Guadalupe, Market Market (ABC)

Route: Runs between Fort Bonifacio Gate 3 Plaza Terminal, Lawton Ave., Taguig and Manggahan / Ramon Magsaysay Ave. Intersection, Makati City

Main StopsMcKinley Hill (Venice Grand Canal Mall), Market! Market! via McKinley Parkway, Kalayaan Avenue

Terminals: Gate 3 & Guadalupe (ABC)

Guadalupe - FTI via J.P. Rizal

Route: Runs between EDSA Guadalupe, Makati City and FTI Transport Terminal (Arca South)

Main Stops: Kalayaan Avenue (BGC North), Buting C5, Market! Market! C5 Service Road, McKinley Hill via C5, Palar Tunnel, BCDA Footbridge, Pinagsama Footbridge, C5 Waterfun (Bayani Road), Tenement

Terminals: Guadalupe, FTI - Arca South Terminal

Sucat Highway - Bagumbayan

Route: Dr A. Santos Ave., Parañaque City and Manuel L. Quezon, Taguig City (via Brgy. Sucat, Muntinlupa)

Main Stops: PNR Station - Sucat, Vista Mall Lakefront

Terminals: Sucat (Highway), Bagumbayan-Sucat Boundary

Guadalupe (ABC) - Taguig via Tipas

Route: Runs between M. Almeda, Taguig City and EDSA Guadalupe, Makati City

Main Stops: Pateros, J.P. Rizal Extension (Comembo), University of Makati, Pasig River Ferry Station - Guadalupe

Terminals: Guadalupe (ABC), Sta. Ana, Taguig (Plaza Quezon)

Pasig - Taguig via Maestrang Pinang, Tipas

Route: Runs between F. Manalo / Gen. A Luna St Intersection, Taguig City and Pasig City Mega Market, Market Ave., Pasig City

Main Stops: Sta. Ana Church, Calzada, Palingon, Ligid (7 Evelen), San Joaquin, Pasig Simbahan

Terminals: Pasig Market or Pasig Simbahan (Plaza Rizal), Sta. Ana, Taguig (Plaza Quezon)

Pateros - Market Market

Route: Runs between M. Almeda, Pateros and Market! Market! C-5 Driveway, BGC, Taguig

Main Stops: J.P. Rizal Extension (Comembo), Buting C5, Market! Market!

Terminals: M. Almeda Pateros, Market Market Jeepney Terminal

Market Market Jeepney Terminal

AFP/PNP Housing - Guadalupe via Bayani Rd

Route: Runs between AFP/PNP - Guadalupe Jeepney Terminal and Bayani Road, Taguig City

Main Stops: Bayani Road (C5 Waterfun Loop)

Terminals: Guadalupe Jeepney Terminal, C5 Bayani Road (Loop)

EDSA/Shaw Central - Tipas (Taguig) via San Joaquin

Route: Runs between M. Almeda, Pateros and EDSA Central Jeepney Terminal, Mandaluyong City

Main Stops: Shaw Boulevard, Capitol Commons (Kapitolyo, Pasig), C5 Bagong Ilog, Pasig Rotonda, Pasig Simbahan, San Joaquin Intersection

Terminals: Shaw Central, Pateros

Pasig Market - Taguig via Bagong Calzada

Route: Runs between Balderama / Caruncho Ave., Pasig City and Manuel L. Quezon, Muntinlupa City

Main Stops: Pasig City Hall, Pasig Simbahan (Plaza Rizal), San Joaquin Intersection, Ligid-Tipas, Palingon, Calzada

Terminals: Pasig Market, Sta. Ana, Taguig (Plaza Quezon)

AFP/PNP (Taguig) - Guadalupe (ABC) via M. Asun

Route: Runs between Bayani Road, Taguig City and Manggahan / Ramon Magsaysay Ave. Intersection, Makati City

Main Stops: Bayani Road, Lawton Ave. 5th Avenue / 25th Street Intersection, Market! Market!, Kalayaan Ave., Nuestra Sra. De Guadalupe

Terminals: Bayani Road, Guadalupe (ABC)

Bicutan (Taguig) - Pasig (TP) via Pateros

Route: Runs between Balderama / Caruncho Ave., Pasig City and Adia Bagumbayan Manuel L. Quezon, Taguig City

Main Stops: same with Bagumbayan (Taguig) - Pasig (TP) via San Joaquin route

Terminals: Lower Bicutan, Pasig Palengke

M. L. Quezon St. in Lower Bicutan

Napindan-Pasig (TP) via Nasscor

Route: Runs between Napindan Terminal, M Concepcion Ave., Pasig City and Napindan, Labao, Pasig City

Main Stops: San Joaquin, Kalawaan, Napindan

Terminals: Napindan Terminal, San Joaquin-Buting Terminal near Puregold

Sucat - Market Market (Fort Bonifacio, Taguig)

Route: Runs between Meralco Road/Sucat Interchange and Market! Market! South Terminal, BGC, Taguig

Main Stops: Sucat Interchange, Bicutan Interchange (South Luzon Super Highway), FTI - Arca South, Tenement, C5 Waterfun (Bayani Road Tunnel), BCDA Footbridge, McKinley Hill

Terminals: Sucat (highway), Market Market Terminal

Point-to-Point PUJs

There are jeepney in Taguig that cater P2P services with the following routes:
  • DOST - SM Bicutan (Tawid)
  • DOST - Alabang (Express)
  • Sucat - Market Market (Express)

Jeepney (PUJ) Minimum Fare

Starting October 8, 2023, commuters in Metro Manila will need to prepare for adjustments in fare rates across various modes of public transportation. The fare increase, approved by the government, aims to address rising operational costs and ensure sustainable services for commuters. Here's what you need to know about the new fare structure:

Traditional Jeepneys

New Minimum Fare: ₱13
After 4km: ₱1.80

Traditional jeepneys, long considered the backbone of public transportation in Metro Manila, will see a modest increase in fares. The new minimum fare of ₱13 represents a slight adjustment to accommodate rising fuel and maintenance costs.

Modern Jeepneys (E-JEEP)

New Minimum Fare: ₱15
After 4km: ₱2.20

Modern jeepneys, introduced as part of the government's PUV Modernization Program, will also implement a fare increase. With a new minimum fare of ₱15, these vehicles offer upgraded amenities and are designed to provide a safer and more comfortable commuting experience.

Taguig Jeepney Routes Summary

  • 201: Bagumbayan (Taguig)-Pasig (TP) via San Joaquin
  • 202: Fort Bonifacio Gate 3-Guadalupe, Market Market (ABC)
  • 410: Guadalupe - FTI via J.P. Rizal
  • T212: Sucat Highway-Bagumbayan
  • T216: Guadalupe (ABC)-Taguig via Tipas
  • T218: Pasig-Taguig via Maestrang Pinang, Tipas
  • T225: Pateros-Market Market
  • T227: AFP/PNP Housing-Guadalupe via Bayani Rd
  • T236: EDSA/Shaw Central-Tipas (Taguig) via San Joaquin
  • T263: Pasig (TP)–Taguig (TP) via Pateros
  • T264: Pasig Market - Taguig via Bagong Calzada
  • T266: AFP/PNP (Taguig)-Guadalupe (ABC) via M. Asun
  • T267: Bicutan (Taguig) - Pasig (TP) via Pateros
  • T389: Napindan-Pasig (TP) via Nasscor
  • T443: Sucat-Market Market (Fort Bonifacio, Taguig)


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