This is a comprehensive guide for Barangay Business Permit application, renewal and closure.

Starting and maintaining a business requires adherence to various regulatory requirements, and the Barangay Business Permit is one of the initial steps in this process. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, understanding the intricacies of applying for, renewing, and closing a Barangay Business Permit is crucial.

In this guide, we'll walk you through these important aspects of business compliance.

Barangay Business Permit Application

Starting a New Business? Here's How to Get Your Barangay Business Permit:

STEP 1: Determine Your Barangay
Identify the specific barangay where your business is located. Each barangay may have slightly different requirements and fees.

STEP 2: Prepare Required Documents
  1. Business Registration Papers: These include your DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) or SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) registration documents.
  2. Mayor's Permit: You'll need to secure a Mayor's Permit first before applying for a Barangay Business Permit.
  3. Lease Contract: A copy of your lease agreement or proof of ownership of the business premises.
  4. Valid IDs: Bring your valid government-issued IDs, such as your passport or driver's license.
  5. Location Sketch: A simple sketch of your business location.

STEP 3: Visit the Barangay Hall
Go to the barangay where your business is located and inquire about their specific application process and requirements.

STEP 4: Fill Out the Application Form
Typically, you will need to complete an application form provided by the barangay.

STEP 5: Submit Your Application
Present your application form and all required documents to the designated personnel at the Barangay Hall.

STEP 6: Pay the Fees
Be prepared to pay the necessary fees. These fees may vary depending on the barangay and the nature of your business.

STEP 7: Wait for Approval
The barangay will review your application and documents. Once approved, you will receive your Barangay Business Permit.

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Barangay Business Permit Renewal

Business Permit Renewal is an Annual Requirement – Here's What You Need to Do:

STEP 1: Check the Renewal Deadline
The renewal period varies by barangay but is typically at the beginning of the year. Be sure to check with your specific barangay for exact dates.

STEP 2: Prepare Required Documents
  • Previous Year's Permit: Bring your old Barangay Business Permit.
  • Updated Business Registration Papers: Ensure that your DTI or SEC registration is up to date.
  • Financial Statements: Some barangays may request financial statements as part of the renewal process.
  • Proof of Payment: Have proof of your previous year's payments for reference.

STEP 3: Visit the Barangay Hall
Go to the barangay office during the renewal period and inquire about their specific renewal process and requirements.

STEP 4: Fill Out the Renewal Form
You may need to complete a renewal form provided by the barangay.

STEP 5: Submit Your Renewal Application
Present your renewal application form and all required documents to the designated personnel.

STEP 6: Pay the Renewal Fees
Pay the annual renewal fees as specified by your barangay.

STEP 7: Receive Your Renewed Permit
Once your application is approved, you will receive your renewed Barangay Business Permit.

Barangay Business Permit Closure

Closing Your Business? Follow These Steps for Proper Closure:

STEP 1: Inform the Barangay
Notify the barangay where your business is located about your intention to close your business.

STEP 2: Settle Outstanding Obligations
Ensure that you have settled all outstanding fees, taxes, and obligations with the barangay.

STEP 3: Return the Permit
Return your Barangay Business Permit to the barangay office. This signifies the official closure of your business.

STEP 4: Submit a Closure Notice
Some barangays may require you to submit a formal notice of business closure, so inquire about their specific requirements.

Compliance with barangay regulations is essential for the smooth operation of your business in the Philippines. Understanding the processes of applying for a Barangay Business Permit, renewing it annually, and properly closing it when necessary is vital for responsible and lawful business management.

Always remember that the specific requirements and procedures may vary between barangays, so it's crucial to communicate directly with your local barangay office for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding business permits.


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