In a move aimed at easing traffic congestion and enhancing efficiency, the City of Taguig has announced a significant adjustment to the working hours of its local government offices. Effective May 2, 2024, offices under the jurisdiction of Taguig will operate from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The decision to revise the work schedule comes in response to Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Resolution No. 24-08, Series of 2024.

This resolution, designed to address the perennial issue of heavy traffic in the metropolitan area, proposes a staggered work schedule to mitigate congestion during peak commuting hours.

Under the new schedule, government employees will commence work earlier in the day, allowing them to avoid the rush hour crush typically experienced by commuters. By starting their workday at 7:00 a.m., municipal workers aim to minimize overlap with private sector employees, thus spreading out the flow of traffic throughout the day.

The implementation of the adjusted work hours is expected to contribute significantly to the city's efforts to alleviate traffic congestion, a persistent challenge in urban centers like Taguig. By synchronizing government office hours with a less congested commuting period, authorities hope to optimize traffic flow and reduce the stress and inefficiencies associated with gridlock.

Officials have assured that comprehensive guidelines and instructions detailing the adoption of the new work schedule will be provided to employees prior to the commencement date. This proactive approach aims to ensure a smooth transition for all stakeholders involved.

The decision underscores Taguig's commitment to fostering a more conducive environment for both its workforce and residents. By embracing innovative solutions to tackle urban challenges, the city continues to strive for sustainable development and enhanced quality of life for its constituents.


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