Voter registration is a crucial step in participating in the democratic process.

In Taguig, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) oversees the voter registration process.

Voter Registration in Taguig

Here's a guide on how to register as a voter and obtain a voter certificate in Taguig:

1. Eligibility

To be eligible to register as a voter in Taguig, you must be at least 18 years old on or before the election day and a resident of the Philippines for at least one year, as well as a resident of Taguig for at least six months preceding the elections.

2. Registration Periods

Keep an eye on the announced registration periods set by COMELEC. Registration usually takes place during regular office hours, Monday to Saturday, including holidays.

3. Requirements

Prepare the necessary documents, including a valid ID (Philippine passport, driver's license, etc.), proof of residence (utility bills, lease contracts, etc.), and one passport-size photo.

4. Visit the COMELEC Office

Go to the COMELEC office in Taguig. In Taguig, the main office is located in the Taguig City Hall Complex. You may also check for satellite registration centers during special registration periods.

5. Accomplish the Voter Registration Form

Fill out the necessary forms provided by COMELEC. Answer all required fields accurately. The COMELEC staff will guide you through the process.

6. Biometrics Capture

Have your biometrics taken, including fingerprints and a digital signature. This information is vital for the voter verification process.

7. Verification and Acknowledgment

Verify the information you provided before the COMELEC staff. Once everything is accurate, your registration will be acknowledged, and you will be given a receipt.

NOTE: If you missed to vote from last 2 consecutive elections and got deactivated, here's how to reactivate your voter registration.

How to Get Voter Certificate

1. Wait for the Validation
  • After completing the registration process, wait for COMELEC to validate your information. This may take some time.

2. Check Online
  • COMELEC provides an online precinct finder tool on their website. You can check your voter registration status and details using this tool.

3. Visit COMELEC Office
  • If you prefer a physical copy of your voter certificate, visit the COMELEC office in Taguig. Request the certificate from the Election Officer or designated staff.

4. Bring Valid ID
  • Bring a valid ID when claiming your voter certificate. The ID will serve as proof of identity.

5. Review Information
  • Before leaving the office, review the information on your voter certificate. Ensure that all details are accurate.

By following these steps, you can successfully register as a voter in Taguig and obtain your voter certificate, allowing you to exercise your right to vote in local and national elections. Stay informed about registration periods and be an active participant in shaping the future of your community and the country.


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