Learn about Taguig River Festival.

Taguig River Festival is held in Sta. Ana as a form of thanksgiving. The feast is done to honor the town's patron Saint Anne, who according to legend, gathered the citizens of Taguig along the riverbank.

Taguig River Festival in 2012

History of Taguig River Festival

The Sta. Anang Banak Taguig River Festival is held in Sta. Anna as a type of thanksgiving. The devour is done to respect the town's benefactor Saint Anne, who as indicated by legend, accumulated the natives of "taga-giik" root of Taguig along the riverbank. In 1587, the agriculturists lost all their reap and the town was in emergency.

Holy person Anne, with his daughter Mary, drove them to the stream where they thought that it was overflowing with Banak angles. Each July of the next years, the waterway was loaded with anglers. As a type of thanksgiving, they toss a segment of their catch to the general population along the bank.

As trade, the last tosses back dried merchandise to them. This demonstration, known as "pasubo" at that point turned into a cheerful merriment that is praised as of not long ago every July 26. 

Taguig River Festival Today

The festival is an annual event that rooted from religious and mythical beliefs that made up the ethnic race once called "taga-giik."

There are different activities prepared to make the festival more meaningful and worthwhile especially to those foreigners who come and celebrate the festival with them.


1. "Karera ng mga Bangkang Lunday" (native boat race) It's the race of fishermen to get their goal - the biggest "banak" catch.

2. "Boys and Girls Festival Parade" Highschool students parade along the roads/villages to hang or offer Fish cone streamers as gifts to happy house owners.

3. "Banak Fish-Cone Tossing Ceremony" (tossing of fishcone streamers tied to bunches of balloons)  Tossing which reminds the people the school of banaks jumping outside the water and going to the fishermen's boats.

4. "Pagodahan" It's the parade of the image of St. Anne in the river. It starts in the Wawa of Laguna de Bay and ends in Ususan. Be surprised with an apple crashing to your head.

5. "Pandangguhan" The dancing procession of the image of St. Anne automatically starts after the parade in the river. The public is free to join with or without candles or lamps.


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