The L.A.N.I. Review Assistance Program in Taguig City provides vital financial support to residents preparing for licensure, board, or bar examinations. This one-time aid aims to alleviate the financial burden on aspiring professionals, helping them focus on their studies and achieve success.

What is L.A.N.I. Scholarship Program

The Taguig City Scholarship Program, known as the Lifeline Assistance for Neighbors In-need (L.A.N.I.) Program, has been a beacon of hope and opportunity for residents since its establishment in 2011.

Created under City Ordinance Number 9, Series of 2011, and further supported by Executive Order 2011-11, the program began with an initial budget of P100 million. Over the years, additional appropriations have expanded the program’s reach, ensuring that all determined and hardworking individuals have the chance to pursue higher education and improve their quality of life.

What is L.A.N.I. Review Assistance

An integral component of the L.A.N.I. Program is the Review Assistance, designed to support residents who have graduated and are preparing for their licensure, board, or bar examinations. This one-time assistance provides:

  • P20,000 for Bar and Medical Board examinees
  • P15,000 for other Board Exam takers
  • Incentives of up to P50,000 for those who place in the Top 10, with the exact amount depending on the rank and type of exam

Applicants must submit their complete applications at least two weeks before their scheduled examination to qualify for this assistance.

Basic Qualification Criteria

To be eligible for the L.A.N.I. Scholarship Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Residency: Must be a bona fide resident of Taguig City for at least three years immediately preceding the application.

  • Voter Registration: Must be a registered voter of the City if 18 years old or older, with at least one parent also a registered voter of Taguig City.

  • Moral Character: Should possess good moral character, evidenced by both documentation and actions.

  • Commitment: Must demonstrate a determination to finish their chosen course or pass the bar/board examination.

  • Service: Should show a commitment to love and serve Taguig City.

The L.A.N.I. Scholarship Program reflects Taguig City's dedication to investing in its residents' futures, fostering a culture of education, and building a community of well-prepared professionals and civic-minded individuals. Through this initiative, Taguig City continues to empower its citizens, helping them achieve their dreams and contribute positively to the local community.


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