The City of Taguig is making strides in encouraging academic excellence by offering significant financial incentives to honor graduates from elementary to senior high school.

These incentives are part of the city's broader commitment to fostering quality education and supporting students throughout their educational journey.

Incentives for Elementary School Students

Elementary school students who excel academically are rewarded as follows:

  • Top 1 of Each Section: PHP 2,500
  • Top 10 of Graduating Class: PHP 5,000
  • Salutatorian: PHP 12,500
  • Valedictorian: PHP 15,000

Incentives for Junior High School Students

Junior high school students who rank among the top performers are eligible for:

  • Top 10: PHP 7,500

Incentives for Senior High School Students

Senior high school students who achieve high academic standings receive:

  • Top 1 of Each Section: PHP 5,000
  • Top 10 of Graduating Class: PHP 10,000
  • Salutatorian: PHP 25,000
  • Valedictorian: PHP 30,000

The City of Taguig's incentive program underscores the importance of academic achievements and aims to motivate students to strive for excellence. By offering these substantial rewards, Taguig City is investing in the future of its young residents and promoting a culture of academic excellence that will benefit the community for years to come.


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