In Taguig City, the "Libreng Sakay" program continues to provide assistance to residents affected by the ongoing transport strike. Despite the challenges posed by the strike, the initiative ensures that citizens have access to complimentary transportation services.

The free ride program is particularly crucial for those who rely on public transportation for their daily commute and have been significantly impacted by the disruptions caused by the strike. By maintaining the service along affected routes, local authorities aim to alleviate the transportation burden on residents during this challenging time.

The Free Ride initiative stands as a testament to the government's commitment to supporting its citizens in times of transport-related difficulties. Recognizing the importance of accessible and reliable transportation in the daily lives of residents, especially during strikes or disruptions, the program serves as a temporary solution to ease the inconvenience caused by the ongoing labor action. This proactive approach highlights the city's dedication to ensuring the welfare and convenience of its residents, acknowledging the critical role transportation plays in their overall well-being.

For those who have questions or need assistance, call the Command Center number: (02) 8789 3200 or go to our City Assistance Desk at the following hubs/stations:

District 1

1. Bagumbayan- (End)
2. Cayetano Blvd. - (Global Gas Station)
3. Sta. Ana - (Plaza)
4. Napindan- (Police Station)

District 2

5. DOST- (Canto)
6. Tenement- (Caltex Station)
7. Waterfun- (JODA Terminal)
8. Diego Silang- (Petron)
9. Gate 3- (Terminal)
10. Market! Market! (Common Terminal)
11. Arca South- (Common Terminal)

12. Pateros Bridge (J.P. Rizal)
13. Uptown (BGC, Freedom)

As the Libreng Sakay program persists on affected routes, it reflects the resilience of the local community and the collaborative efforts of government and citizens alike. By providing a practical solution to the challenges posed by the transport strike, the initiative fosters a sense of solidarity and support within Taguig City.

Ultimately, the continued provision of the services demonstrates the city's commitment to prioritizing the needs of its residents and fostering a community that thrives even in the face of temporary disruptions.


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