A Postal ID is a valuable document recognized by various government and private institutions.

It serves as a valid proof of identity and address, making it an essential requirement for various transactions. If you reside in Taguig and are looking to obtain a Postal ID, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process step by step.

What is a Postal ID?

A Postal ID is an official government-issued identification card that serves as a valid proof of identity and address in the Philippines. Issued by the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost), this card is widely recognized and accepted in various establishments and government offices. Unlike passports and driver's licenses, the Postal ID is more accessible to a broader range of citizens, making it a popular choice for identification.

Why You Should Have a Postal ID?

Acquiring a Postal ID holds significant advantages due to its status as a legitimate proof of identity and address. This government-issued identification card is widely accepted in numerous establishments and governmental interactions, making it invaluable for various reasons. Not only is the application process straightforward and accessible to a wide range of individuals, but the Postal ID's versatility stands out as a key benefit. It serves as a credible ID for employment, financial transactions, government services, and international travel, supplementing primary identification documents like passports.

One of its pivotal features is its multifaceted functionality. The Postal ID can verify your identity, confirm your residence, and facilitate smooth transactions. Its international recognition, although secondary, adds to its utility when traveling abroad. Additionally, the security measures embedded within, such as holograms and anti-counterfeit elements, ensure the ID's authenticity. In emergencies, having a valid ID expedites access to vital services and resources, emphasizing its practical importance.

In essence, the Postal ID is not merely a card; it is a fundamental tool for identity establishment, enhancing convenience, ensuring security, and fulfilling legal obligations. Obtaining this ID is a prudent choice, providing a comprehensive solution for numerous situations and transactions.

1. Prepare the Required Documents

Before heading to the nearest post office, make sure you have all the necessary documents ready. You will typically need the following:

Filled-out Postal ID application form: This form is available at your local post office or can be downloaded from the official Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) website.

Proof of identity and citizenship: You can use your birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, or any other government-issued ID.

Proof of address: Utility bills (electricity, water, internet), barangay certificate, or police clearance can serve as proof of your residence.

Marriage certificate (if applicable): If you are married, bring your marriage certificate.

2. Visit the Nearest Post Office

In Taguig, there are two convenient locations where you can apply for your Postal ID:

SM Aura Satellite Office: Located on the 7th floor of SM Aura, this post office branch provides easy accessibility for residents and applicants looking to secure their Postal ID.

Taguig City Hall Post Office: Situated in Brgy. Tuktukan, the Taguig City Hall branch offers another accessible option for individuals seeking Postal ID services.

Post offices in Taguig are open from 8am to 4pm, Monday-Friday only. Postal ID application is a one-day process. For release of 

Choose the branch that is most convenient for you, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free application process.

3. Submit Your Documents

Upon arriving at the post office, approach the designated window for Postal ID applications. Submit all the required documents to the postal staff. They will review your papers to confirm that everything is in order.

4. Biometric Data Capturing

Once your documents are verified, you will undergo biometric data capturing. This process includes fingerprint scanning and a photo capture for your Postal ID.

5. Pay the Fees

After the biometric data capturing, you will be required to pay P650.00 (rush application). Payments can be made at the same post office counter.

6. Wait for the Processing

After completing all the steps and settling the fees, your application will undergo processing. The waiting period varies, but you can inquire about the estimated processing time from the postal staff.

7. Claim Your Postal ID

Once your Postal ID is ready, you will receive a notification from the post office. Return to the post office with the necessary claim receipt and a valid ID for verification. The staff will hand over your new Postal ID card.

Important Tips

Bring extra copies of your documents: It’s always a good idea to bring extra copies of your documents in case there are additional requirements or if you need to provide them for other transactions.

Be patient and courteous: Sometimes, the processing time may take longer due to various factors. Stay patient and be courteous to the postal staff who are there to assist you.

Double-check your application: Before submitting your documents, double-check to ensure all the information is accurate and up to date. Any discrepancies could lead to delays in processing.

By following these steps and being prepared, you can efficiently obtain your Postal ID in Taguig. Remember to stay informed about any updates or changes in the application process by visiting the official PHLPost website or contacting your local post office directly.

Postal ID Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about Postal ID along with their answers:

 1. Why release the Improved Postal ID?

Most of the security features infused upon the Basic Postal ID, though effective, could only be deciphered with the help of special equipment, making it harder for frontliners to differentiate the genuine from the fake. The Improved Postal ID has additional physical security features that can be identified using just the naked eye, making ID verification simpler and more reliable. Moreover, a biometrics-based uniqueness test was implemented to fully guarantee an individual’s identity.

2. How much is the Improved Postal ID?

Applicants will pay the following fixed fee anywhere in the country:
Fee Particulars                                        Amount
Regular Application                              Php 504.00
Rush Application                                    Php 650.00
The Improved PID shall be valid for three (3) years for Filipinos and for foreign residents with Special Retiree’s Resident Visa (SRRV). For the rest of the foreign residents, it will be valid for one (1) year.

3. Why should I avail the Improved Postal ID?

Aside from assuring safe and reliable transactions, the additional security features position the ID as a primary card. Special value-added features will also be put to the card very soon.

4. What will happen to my Basic but still valid Postal ID?

Your Basic ID will remain valid up to its date of expiration. Post offices will stop issuing it when the Improved Postal ID becomes available in their area. 

5. What are the main security features of the Improved Postal ID?

a. On-site digital capture of fingerprints, photo, signature and personal details
b. Centralized ID printing and database to guarantee that the cards are authentic
c. An encrypted QR (‘quick response’) code printed on the card can verify the identity of ID holder using a downloadable smart-phone application
d. Overlaid with a hologram that can be viewed only at certain angles
e. Has a ghost image and UV ink that illuminates in UV light
f. Applicant uniqueness check via the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). It compares the fingerprint collected with the fingerprint database records to ensure the applicant’s identity.

6. Who may apply for the Improved Postal ID?

All Filipinos living in the Philippines and living abroad but were in the Philippines at the time of application are eligible to get an Improved PID. Foreign residents living in the country for at least six (6) months may also apply.


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