Craving for Takoyaki while wanting for Yakisoba, too? No problem! We found a new place in Taguig where you can find both in one!

Yaki Yaki is your newly opened Japanese-style street food where you can have your favorite yakisoba and takoyaki at very affordable cost.

On Monday, they have opened their first branch along F. Manalo St. in Barangay Calzada-Tipas near Vista Mall Taguig and Flying V.

They serve authentic and freshly-served Japanese food mainly takoyaki and yakisoba - or you can have them both in one serving!

Our team have visited them and tried not only their sumptuous food but also their great tasting Bubble Tea.


If you are a takoyaki lover like us, you can choose from their 8 kinds of takoyaki: 
  • Yasai (Veggie)
  • Tako (Octopus Bits)
  • Chizu (3 Cheese)
  • Kani (Crab)
  • Bifu (Cheeseburger)
  • Bekon Chizu (Cheesy Bacon)
  • Poku Chizu (Cheesy Pork)
  • Bebi Tako (Baby Octopus)

If you are looking for authentic taste of takoyaki, we suggest you try the Tako (Octopus Bits). If you are a cheese lover then you can get Chizu or their Poku Chizu! But our favorite of all so far is the Bebi Tako which has a cut of baby octupus inside. With the crunchiness from the outside and tenderness fom the inside, you can savor the 'umami' flavor of their takoyaki as you eat more of it. 

You can have them at 4pcs, 8pcs or 12pcs.

As for Yakisoba, you can choose from Regular or Spicy at P75.00. But if you wan a plus, try their Yaki Yaki instead! Each of their 8 flavors of takoyaki can be added to your Japanese stir fry noodle in one serving. Isn't it nice? 

As for Team Taguigeno, we have tried their Poku Chizu-Soba and Bebi-Soba. The combination of yakisoba and takoyaki is superb! Imagine the sauce and bonito flakes of takoyaki onto yakisoba, you get more flavor without compromising quality. We just love the idea of having the two food in one container where you can bring them home or consume them while you are on-the-go.

To top it all, match your Japanese street food with their best-tasting Bubble Tea at P65.00 (medium) or P75.00 (large, which we recommend). Try their classic Wintermelon flavor or Taro.

If you wanted an iced cold coffee drink like us, you go for Tokyo Ice Coffee. But if you like a refreshing fruit drink then you try their Passion Fruit.

Yaki Yaki is located at 3 F. Manalo St., Brgy. Calzada-Tipas, Taguig and is open from 10am to 8pm daily. Like them on Facebook!


There are jeepneys passing through F. Manalo St. in Tipas area in Taguig from Pasig with route Tipas-Pasig Palengke (or San Joaquin). Drop-off when you reach Flying V gas station or "Vista Mall Taguig", Yaki Yaki is located at the corner.


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