In a Facebook post shared on Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Lani Cayetano emphasized the city's unwavering dedication to fostering a business-friendly environment while prioritizing the welfare and safety of its residents.

"As Mayor of the City of Taguig, naniniwala ako na, while we sought to grow our industries by cultivating a business-friendly environment in our City, our eyes are also set in prioritizing programs that serve the welfare of the people, guided by our faith and integrity," Mayor Cayetano stated.

Mayor Cayetano underscored the city’s strict adherence to legal business operations, asserting that Taguig City only allows enterprises that operate within the bounds of the law. "Taguig City only allows legal businesses, prioritizing the safety of the City’s residents. Hindi po natin pinapayagan ang mga gawaing illegal sa ating Probinsyudad," she affirmed.

Her statement reflects the administration’s commitment to ensuring that economic growth is pursued without compromising the city’s core values and the well-being of its community members. "Nangangahulugan lang po na kahit pa kinakailangan nating itaguyod ang ating economic growth, our decisions should always reflect our values," Mayor Cayetano added.

This announcement comes as part of Mayor Cayetano's ongoing efforts to balance economic development with social responsibility. Under her leadership, Taguig City has consistently focused on creating a safe, secure, and prosperous environment for both businesses and residents. Her administration’s policies are aimed at maintaining a harmonious and progressive city while safeguarding the integrity and safety of its populace.

Residents and business owners in Taguig City have expressed support for the Mayor’s statement, acknowledging the importance of ethical governance in achieving sustainable growth and community welfare.

Mayor Cayetano's leadership continues to inspire confidence among the people of Taguig, as she champions a vision of progress that does not lose sight of moral and ethical standards.


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