The Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) in Taguig City is a crucial government agency responsible for regulating and facilitating business activities within the city.

Taguig City Business Permits and Licensing Office

Taguig BPLO serves as the primary point of contact for individuals and companies seeking permits and licenses to operate legally. Here's an overview of the services offered by the BPLO:

Business Permit (New, Renewal, Amendment)

The BPLO facilitates the issuance of business permits for new businesses, as well as the renewal of permits for existing businesses. Additionally, it processes amendments to business permits to accommodate changes in business operations or ownership.

Special Permit for Special Events

Businesses or organizations planning special events, such as fairs, exhibitions, or concerts, may need a special permit from the BPLO. This permit ensures compliance with regulations and safety standards for the event.

Certified True Copy of Business Permit

The BPLO provides certified true copies of business permits upon request. These copies serve as official documentation of a business's legal authorization to operate within Taguig City.

In addition to these services, the BPLO also offers assistance and support to business owners and entrepreneurs, guiding them through the permit application process and addressing any inquiries or concerns they may have.

Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) Taguig City

For inquiries or assistance, individuals can reach out to the BPLO via email or phone using the following contact information:
  • Email
  • Mayor’s Permit for Employment: 0919-079-8215
  • Releasing Section: 0961-734-0811 & 0961-734-0812
  • Inspection & Amendment: 0961-898-8451 & 0961-898-8452

Taguig City Assessor's Office Location

Taguig City Hall

AddressTaguig City Hall Complex Gen. Luna St., Brgy. Tuktukan, Taguig City

SM Aura Tower

Address: 9th Floor, SM Aura Tower, McKinley Parkway cor 26th Street, Brgy. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

By providing efficient and responsive services, the BPLO plays a vital role in promoting business growth and development in Taguig City, fostering a conducive environment for economic activity and entrepreneurship.


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