Mike Smith, an Australian start-up founder, teamed up with approximately 240 volunteers in Taguig to clear over 100,000 kg of waste from the Taguig-Pateros river within just 15 days.

This endeavor was a joint undertaking involving Smith, the DENR-NCR's estero rangers, the Lake and River Management Office, the City Environment and Natural Resources Office Taguig, and the Taguig Facilities Management Office. It highlighted the collective effort required to alleviate our polluted waters burdened by plastics.

Addressing criticisms that local agencies were negligent, Francis Chua, the project manager, emphasized, "Our government actively participated in the cleanup project. It stands as a testament to successful collaboration."

The waste heaps comprised various non-biodegradable items such as water bottles and detergent sachets, posing long-term decomposition challenges.

Beyond the Taguig-Pateros river, Smith's team also contributed to clearing garbage from the San Juan River and the Tanza Marine Tree Park. Zero Co, Smith's company, financially supports restoration endeavors along polluted water bodies and repurposes collected ocean waste into packaging materials.

"We have only one planet and one ocean, shared by all. Each of us must contribute to solving this issue, starting with reducing plastic consumption at home," Smith emphasized.

Zero Co initially initiated cleanup activities on Australian beaches before expanding to Indonesia and Egypt, where they collected 18,000 kg of rubbish.


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