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The Saint Anne Parish Church, also known as Santa Ana Church or also known in its formal name as the Minor Basilica and Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Anne, is a Catholic church and minor basilica located in Barangay Santa Ana, Taguig.

It is situated next to the Taguig River and across Plaza Quezon, where the statue of Manuel L. Quezon was erected when he was still serving as President of the Philippines. Saint Anne is the patroness of the church.

Minor Basilica and Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Anne

Location: 41 Liwayway Street, Santa Ana, Taguig
Former names: Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Anne, Santuario Arquidiocesano de Santa Ana
Status: Minor basilica
Founded: 1587
Founder: Diego Alvarez
Heritage designation: Cultural Property
Designated: July 25, 1987
Architectural type: Baroque
Diocese: Roman Catholic Diocese of Pasig
Parish: Saint Anne


Building of the church
In 1571, the Spaniards subjugated mainland Luzon including Taguig through the Legazpi expedition. Between the years 1582 and 1583, Taguig became part of the Encomienda del Tondo and was under the headship of an Alcalde Mayor, Captain Vergara.

Tondo and Namayan under Dayang Kalangitan in 1450

Taguig was eventually established as a separate town in 1587 and was declared a parish with St. Anne as its chosen patroness. Augustinian friars, Diego Alvarez and his assistant, Diego de Avila, were assigned to begin religious activities in Taguig.

The first concrete church for use of the faithful was built by Hernando Guerrero. in 1609. However the 1645 Luzon earthquake caused it considerable damage. In 1848, Andres Diaz began the construction of a new church complex. This too, unfortunately was destroyed by the tremor of 1882.

To continue administering to the spiritual needs of the faithful, a makeshift church was used until the construction of a permanent one.


Construction of the present church started during the term of Patricio Martin in 1883. He however did not see its completion due to his early demise. His successor, Guillermo Diaz, continued with the project and saw its eventual completion.

During the early American Period, secular priests of the Archdiocese of Manila succeeded the Augustinian Friars in Taguig. The first of these was Silbino Labao of Tipas. He was followed by Vicente Estacio of Tipas who oversaw the installation of the church's sawali ceiling.

American soldiers behind a stone wall with lookouts on the roof of the church in Nov. 1899

Gerardo Maximo completed the rehabilitation of the church. More improvements in the edifice were undertaken by Augurio Juta and Emmanuel Sunga in preparation for the parish's 400th anniversary in 1987.

Japanese Occupation of Rizal

In 1942, Imperial Japanese invaded the Province of Rizal and established garrisons in the town. The church was remembered as the place where hundreds of male inhabitants were incarcerated for a number of days in August 1943.

Declaration as a Historic Site and Cultural Property

On July 25, 1987, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines installed a marker on Saint Anne Parish Church for its historical value and patriotic endeavors to dramatize the need to focus to the national consciousness the history of the country from the Filipino viewpoint and to evoke pride in the national heritage and identity.

Simbahan ng Taguig Historical Marker

The church was also declared and recognized by the government as a cultural property based on the official list provided by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, National Historical Commission of the Philippines and the National Museum of the Philippines.

Saint Anne Parish Church's altar

Declaration as a Minor Basilica

On July 26, 2022, the Feast Day of St. Anne and Joachim, the Dicastery for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments designated the Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Anne as a minor basilica. With it, the church became the first basilica of the Diocese of Pasig.

Arched entrance to St. Anne Parish Church

Saint Anne Parish Church façade

St. Anne Parish in 2021

Present Day

Museo de Sta. Ana
The church houses the Museo de Sta. Ana, which contains religious relics and repository of artifacts detailing the rich religious culture and history of Taguig since 1857.

On July 26 of each year, the church along with the City Government, celebrates Sta. Anang Banak Taguig River Festival which is a fluvial parade in honor of the town patroness.

The thrills and excitement of the fishers are replayed each year by the pasubo where fluvial parade participants in colorful boats and spectators by the riverbanks toss fruits and native delicacies to each other.

Sta. Anang Banak Taguig River Festival in 1997

Fluvial parade in celebration of Taguig River Festival in 2017

Aside from the July festivities, which is also the Liturgical Feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne, the Pistang Pasasalamat (Thanksgiving Feast), locally known as Pistang Bayan ng Taguig (Taguig Town Fiesta) is celebrated every Quinquagesima, the Sunday preceding Ash Wednesday. It is a celebration of thanksgiving to St. Anne, especially for her intercession paved the way to the liberation of Taguig from the hands of the Japanese forces during the Second World War.

Among the notable features of the church complex of Santa Ana in Taguig is the old funerary chapel. Constructed in the 1700s using Filipino forced labor, the chapel is made up of tiles and walls of stones. It measures 12 meters (39 ft) in diameter with its ground level reserved as repository for bones.

Simborio in Taguig

Despite minor repairs in 1980 and in 1993, the Simborio, as it is called, stands beautiful yet quaint in the old cemetery of the parish.

Colegio de Santa Ana

Adjacent to the church is Colegio de Santa Ana (CDSA), a private Catholic (Parochial) institution located in Liwayway Street, Santa Ana, Taguig. Founded in 1980 by Rt. Rev. Msgr. Augurio I. Juta, CDSA offers Christian Catholic education.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Saint Anne Parish Church

  • Is there a Saint Anne?
    St. Anne is one of the patron saints of Brittany and Canada and of women in labour. As the grandparents of Jesus, Anne and her husband Joachim are also considered the patron saints of grandparents; their feast day is celebrated on July 26.

  • Who is the bishop of Taguig?
    Bishop – Most Rev. Mylo Hubert C. Vergara.

  • What diocese is Taguig?
    The Roman Catholic Diocese of Pasig (Latin: Dioecesis Pasiginae) (Filipino: Diyosesis ng Pasig) is the diocese of the Latin rite of the Catholic Church in the Philippines that comprises the cities of Pasig and Taguig, and the Municipality of Pateros, in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Minor Basilica and Archdiocesan Shrine Parish of Saint Anne Mass Schedule

  • Monday:         6:00-7:00 AM
  • Tuesday:         6:00-7:00 AM
  • Wednesday:   6:00-7:00 AM
  • Thursday:      6:00-7:00 AM
  • Friday:           6:00-7:00 AM
  • Saturday:       6:00-7:00 AM, 6:00-7:00 PM
  • Sunday:          5:00-6:00 AM, 6:30-7:30 AM, 8:00-9:00 AM, 9:30-10:30 AM,3:00-4:00 PM,
    4:30-5:30 PM, 6:00-7:00 PM


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