Taguig City continues to invest in the education and development of its youth through the Taguig Learners’ Certificate (TLC) Scholarship program, as evidenced by the recent distribution of allowances to thousands of high school students.

A total of 9,746 high school students were beneficiaries of the TLC Scholarship allowance during the four-day distribution event held at the Taguig City University Auditorium, culminating on February 5. The initiative, spearheaded by Mayor Lani Cayetano, underscores the city's commitment to providing educational opportunities for its residents.

What is TLC Scholarship?

Under the TLC Scholarship program, each student received a P10,000 allowance intended to cover miscellaneous and other school fees. This allowance is in addition to the tuition fee subsidy of up to P18,000 provided by the City of Taguig for elementary school graduates who opt to pursue their education in partner private high schools. Currently, there are 56 TLC partner schools participating in the program, expanding access to quality education across the city.

Mayor Lani Cayetano emphasized the significance of instilling values such as intelligence, kindness, and respect among the students. In her message during the distribution event, she urged the scholars to serve as role models in their communities, inspiring other young individuals to strive for excellence and embody responsibility and respect.

“Gusto ko sana na kayo ang maging role model ng ibang mga kabataan. Gusto ko na kapag nakikita kayo ng ibang bata na kasing edad ninyo sa inyong community, magiging mabuting ehemplo kayo ng mahusay, responsable, at magalang na kabataan,” Mayor Lani affirmed.

The TLC Scholarship program not only provides financial assistance but also fosters a culture of academic excellence and social responsibility among the youth of Taguig City. By investing in education, the city aims to empower its students to become catalysts for positive change in their communities.

Furthermore, the program aligns with broader efforts to address educational inequality and promote inclusivity, ensuring that all students have equal opportunities to pursue their academic aspirations regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.

As Taguig City continues to prioritize education as a key driver of progress and development, initiatives like the TLC Scholarship program serve as a testament to the city's unwavering commitment to nurturing the potential of its youth and building a brighter future for generations to come.


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