The Taguig Love Caravan (TLC) Medical and Dental Mission is a vital community service program that brings medical and dental care closer to residents across various barangays in Taguig City.

This initiative aims to promote health and wellness while addressing the healthcare needs of the community.

The TLC Medical and Dental Mission offers a wide range of free services to residents, ensuring access to quality healthcare. Here's a breakdown of the services provided:

Medical Services
  • Consultation, check-up, and pharmacy services
  • Diagnostics and laboratory tests including CBC, urinalysis, Random Blood Sugar (RBS), blood typing, Chest X-ray, ECG, and ultrasound
  • Distribution of maintenance medicines
  • Flu quadrivalent vaccination for senior citizens, pregnant women, persons with comorbidities, and healthcare workers
  • HPV vaccines for children aged 9-14 years olzd

Dental Services
  • Tooth extraction and pharmacy services

Nutrition Services
  • Food demonstration and distribution of vegetables and ingredients

Persons with Disabilities Affairs Office (PDAO)
  • Registration and releasing of ID cards

Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA)
  • Registration and releasing of ID cards

City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO)
  • Distribution of wheelchairs and crutches
  • Burial Assistance
  • Registration with Philhealth ng Masa

Assistance under L.A.N.I. Cares Program

  • Medical Assistance: Hospital bills, medicines, medical procedures, therapy, external medical devices, and implants

  • Dental Services: Dentures (for employment purposes only), emergency operations

  • Transportation Assistance: Balik Probinsiya Program

  • Emergency Relief Assistance: Assistance to victims of fire and other disasters

  • Women in Especially Difficult Circumstances (WEDC): Food assistance, clothing assistance, shelter assistance, psychological assessment

  • Food and Non-food Assistance: Nutritional supplements like adult formula milk (requires a doctor's prescription), diaper, and bed pan

Stay Informed

To stay updated on the schedule of the Love Caravan in your barangay, follow the I Love Taguig Facebook Page and wait for announcements regarding upcoming missions.

The TLC Medical and Dental Mission serves as a testament to Taguig City's commitment to prioritize the health and well-being of its residents. Through these initiatives, the city continues to foster a culture of care and support within the community, ensuring that every resident has access to essential healthcare services.


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