In a momentous event on February 2nd, Mayor Lani Cayetano inaugurated a new multipurpose building in Barangay Calzada-Tipas, designed to be a cornerstone of community service and engagement while providing critical facilities for the residents.

Funded by the support of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano during his tenure as House Speaker, the multipurpose building stands as a testament to the commitment of local leaders to uplift the quality of life for their constituents. The three-story building encompasses various essential amenities tailored to meet the diverse needs of the community.

At the ground floor, a fully equipped health center now stands, offering an array of medical services including a TB DOTS room, minor surgical room, examination room, physician's office, prenatal/family planning room, dental clinic, treatment room, and breastfeeding room.

This comprehensive health facility aims to enhance access to healthcare services for the residents of Barangay Calzada-Tipas and neighboring areas.

Moving up to the second floor, the barangay hall takes center stage, equipped with offices, a clearance and permits section, conference room, session hall, and Barangay Affairs Office. Additionally, an e-library has been established to facilitate knowledge sharing and educational opportunities for the community.

The third floor boasts a spacious playing court, providing an ideal venue for sports activities, competitions, and wellness events. Furthermore, it stands ready to serve as a safe haven for residents during times of disasters and calamities, underscoring its significance beyond mere recreation.

Mayor Lani Cayetano expressed her hope that the construction of this new building would inspire renewed dedication among the officials and employees of Barangay Calzada-Tipas to serve their community with passion and commitment.

In her words, "More important than this building are the people who will run the services it will provide. Let us seal the cooperation between the barangay and the city government so that we can develop better programs for our constituents."

Barangay Captain Rommel "Ome" Tanyag, on behalf of the residents, conveyed heartfelt gratitude to Mayor Lani and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano for the realization of the long-awaited Barangay Hall and Health Center. He pledged to uphold the facility and enhance the services provided, promising to make every effort to elevate the standard of community service.

The event witnessed a gathering of esteemed guests, including City Councilors Jimmy Labampa, Totong Mañosca, and Gamie San Pedro, barangay and SK officials, City Health Office heads and health center staff, as well as officials from the Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs and Persons with Disabilities Affairs Office, all showing their unwavering support for the welfare of the community.


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