Taguig City is set to sparkle with romance as Love at the Park makes a grand return to TLC Village this February.

The 6-hectare expanse of TLC Village will once again transform into a haven for lovebirds and families alike from February 10 to 18, 2024, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., inviting everyone to bask in the glow of love under the night sky.

The reopening of Love at the Park promises an enchanting experience for all who visit. With captivating light displays illuminating the surroundings, couples can stroll hand-in-hand, creating timeless memories against the backdrop of a starlit sky. Moreover, families and friends are encouraged to join in the festivities, fostering bonds and cherishing moments of togetherness.

One of the most enticing aspects of Love at the Park is its lineup of events, promising entertainment and joy for all attendees. Throughout the celebration, visitors will be treated to the soulful melodies of talented OPM artists, setting the mood for love and companionship. Whether it's reliving cherished memories or creating new ones, Love at the Park offers a sanctuary where hearts can truly connect.s

The highlight of the opening night on February 10 promises to be a spectacular concert featuring renowned artists Davey Langit, Juris, and SUD. As the clock strikes 5:00 p.m., the stage will come alive with their enchanting tunes, offering a harmonious start to the month of love. Best of all, the concert is open to all attendees, completely free of charge, ensuring that love and music are accessible to all who wish to partake.

"We are thrilled to welcome back Love at the Park to TLC Village," expressed Mayor Lani Cayetano of Taguig City. "This celebration embodies the spirit of love and unity that defines our community. It's a joyous occasion for residents and visitors alike to come together, celebrate love in all its forms, and create lasting memories."

As Love at the Park returns, it not only symbolizes the essence of Valentine's Day but also underscores the importance of love, connection, and togetherness within the community. With its enchanting ambiance and soul-stirring performances, Love at the Park promises to be an unforgettable experience for all who grace its pathways.


• Kids below 12 years old should be accompanied by an adult.
• As your safety is our priority, we limit the number of visitors in every part of the Park at any given time. Long queues and waiting time are to be expected.
• Be mindful of the time; always remember that there are other people waiting for their turn.
• Strictly no food and drinks allowed in the Love at the Park
• Eating and drinking are allowed only in the designated areas.
• Trash bins are conveniently placed in various areas in the park
• Medical and help desks are located in the Park.
• Parking areas are located beside the Concert Grounds, near Lakeshore Hall, and beside the old TLC Park across C6 Road.
• Priority visitors (senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and pregnant women) are assigned special lanes in entrances. Only two companions will be allowed for these priority sectors.
• The train along the Walkway of Lights is for the exclusive use of senior citizens, persons with disabilities, pregnant women, and their companions.
• Parents and guardians should be mindful of their children, especially when they are near the lake.
• Be courteous.
• Exhibit kindness and politeness.

• Pets should have an updated anti-rabies vaccine for 2023.
• Pet owners should bring their pets' vaccination cards or photos of the vaccination cards.
• Only small dogs and cats with controllable behavior and/or non-aggressive behavior are allowed inside the park.
• Pets should be on a leash and must wear a diaper while inside Love at the Park.
• A waiver/undertaking will be provided and signed by the pet owner before entering Love at the Park.
• The Office of the City Veterinarian will have help desks in the park to assist pet owners.

• The park management may suspend or cancel the operations of the park for reasons it deems necessary, including inclement weather.

• Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
• Those who consume any alcoholic beverage are not permitted to enter.
• Smoking and vaping are not allowed.
• Do not leave your belongings unattended.
• Firearms and sharp objects such as scissors, knives, and cutters are not allowed.
• Please do not touch the lights, equipment and installations so we can all enjoy and make the most out of our TLC Park.
• When parking your bikes, make sure they are locked on the bike racks provided.
• Make sure your vehicles are locked; do not leave any valuables in your parked vehicles.
• Parents are reminded to keep a watchful eye on their children while inside the park.
• PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING: Intense lighting is used in some parts of the park. It may not be safe for people with epilepsy and other conditions with sensitivity to light.
• CCTV cameras are in place.


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