This is your comprehensive guide for Taguig City Burial Assistance.

Losing a loved one is an emotionally challenging experience, and during such times, the practical aspects of arranging a funeral can add to the burden. Recognizing the need for support in these moments of grief, Taguig City offers a Burial Assistance program that provides financial aid to eligible residents.

Ithis guide, we will delve into the requirements, the process of availing this assistance, and how to claim it.

Taguig City Burial Assistance

In sympathy with those who have died and need help with burial expenses, we are immediately organizing the acquisition of burial assistance. By virtue of Ordinance No. 34 that was passed in 2015, an amount of P20,000 was set aside to help those who died.

Burial Assistance is just one of Taguig City's programs to support and aid our fellow Taguigeños in need.

During earlier years of burial assistance, claimants had to prepare as many as 14 documents just to claim this benefit. In 2022, the local government decided to reduced it to just 4 to 6 to make the process even easier.

In addition to that, the process that used to take 3-5 months was shortened to at least 1-2 weeks after the documents are completed and submitted.

Requirements for Taguig City Burial Assistance

Before applying for Burial Assistance in Taguig City, it's essential to understand the requirements to determine eligibility:
  • Residence: The deceased or their immediate family must be residents of Taguig City.

  • Death Certificate: A certified true copy of the death certificate of the deceased is required.

  • Certificate of Indigency: A Certificate of Indigency, also issued by the Barangay, confirming that the family or deceased is financially disadvantaged, is necessary.

  • Burial or Funeral Contract: Provide a copy of the burial or funeral contract, including the detailed breakdown of expenses.

  • Valid ID: Present a valid identification card, such as a government-issued ID, for verification.

How to Avail Taguig City Burial Assistance

Availing the Burial Assistance in Taguig City involves a straightforward process:
  • Gather Required Documents: Ensure you have all the necessary documents mentioned in the requirements section.

  • Visit the Barangay: Head to the Barangay where the deceased or family resides. Inform them of your intent to apply for Burial Assistance.

  • Application Form: Request an application form from the Barangay office. Fill it out completely, providing accurate and honest information.

  • Document Verification: Submit your application along with the required documents to the Barangay office. They will review your application to ensure all necessary documentation is in order.

  • Interview: You may be interviewed by the Barangay officials to assess your financial situation and verify the accuracy of the provided information.

  • Approval: If your application is approved, you will receive a certification from the Barangay stating that you are eligible for Burial Assistance.

How to Claim Taguig City Burial Assistance

Once your application is approved, you can proceed with claiming the Burial Assistance:
  • Funeral Arrangements: Coordinate with your chosen funeral service provider to make the necessary arrangements for the burial or funeral.

  • Submit Documents: Provide a copy of the certification from the Barangay, along with the death certificate, burial contract, and other relevant documents, to the funeral service provider. They will facilitate the processing of the Burial Assistance on your behalf.

  • Payment: The approved Burial Assistance amount will be disbursed directly to the funeral service provider to offset the funeral expenses.

  • Acknowledgment: Ensure that you receive acknowledgment of the Burial Assistance received from the funeral service provider for your records.

The Taguig City Burial Assistance program aims to ease the financial burden faced by families during a difficult period. By understanding the requirements and following the simple application and claiming process, residents can access the support they need to provide their loved ones with a dignified farewell. In times of loss, Taguig City demonstrates its commitment to extending compassion and assistance to its residents.


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