The gondola ride at Venice Grand Canal Mall is a charming 10-minute journey along a picturesque, man-made canal.

Gondola Ride at Venice Grand Canal Mall

Riding a gondola at the Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig offers a unique and picturesque experience reminiscent of Venice, Italy.

Operated by gondoliers dressed in traditional Venetian costumes, who often serenade riders with their lovely voices, the Gondola Ride is a popular tourist attraction. It's a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the mall's enchanting Italian atmosphere in McKinley Hill.

Here’s everything you need to know to enjoy this ride:

What to Expect

Atmosphere: The gondola ride replicates the romantic and serene atmosphere of Venice. Expect a calm and picturesque ride with views of the mall’s Venetian-style architecture.

Gondoliers: Gondoliers dress in traditional Venetian costumes and often sing during the ride, adding to the authentic and enchanting experience.

Scenery: You’ll glide along a man-made canal, passing by charming bridges, quaint cafes, and boutique shops. The canal is surrounded by beautifully designed buildings that mimic Venetian architecture.

Photo Opportunities: A photo is taken when you board the gondola, which is available for free at the end of the ride. The backdrop of the Venice Grand Canal Mall, with its colorful buildings and elegant bridges, makes for stunning pictures.

Where to Buy Tickets/Pass

Tickets for the gondola ride can be purchased directly at the gondola ride ticket booth, which is located inside the Venice Grand Canal Mall near the gondola loading dock.

Ticket Prices

The Gondola Ride costs PHP 500 per person, with kids under 3 years old riding for free.

  • Shared Gondola Ride: PHP 500 per person. Each gondola can accommodate up to 6 people.
  • Private Gondola Ride: PHP 2000 for a non-shared ride, booking the entire boat.

To have a gondola for your own group, you need a minimum of 4 people, and each gondola can accommodate up to 6 passengers. While it may seem a bit pricey, it's still more affordable than a trip to Macau or Italy.

Operating Hours

Daily: 11 AM to 10 PM

How Long is the Ride

Duration: The gondola ride is a 10-minute journey end-to-end along the man-made canal.

Additional Tips

Best Time to Go: Arrive early or visit on weekdays to avoid long queues. Average wait times can be up to 1 hour on weekends.

Weather Considerations: The ride may be canceled due to bad weather since the canal section of the mall is open-air. Check the weather forecast before planning your visit.

Safety: The ride is not recommended for pregnant women or people with mobility issues. Life vests are available, and the ride is generally very safe and stable.

Enjoy your gondola ride at the Venice Grand Canal Mall, Taguig! It’s a delightful and unique experience that brings a touch of Venetian charm to the Philippines.


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