The TESDA building, located along East Service Road in Western Bicutan, Taguig City, is a prominent structure known for its distinctive architectural style. Designed by the renowned Filipino architect Augusto L. Francisco, the building stands as a testament to his vision and innovation in architectural design.

The architecture of the TESDA building is often described as brutalist, a style characterized by its use of raw concrete, geometric shapes, and bold, monumental forms. The building's design reflects the principles of brutalism with its robust and imposing presence, showcasing an uncompromising aesthetic that prioritizes functionality and structural integrity.

One of the most striking features of the TESDA building is its inverted pyramid shape, which sets it apart from traditional building designs. This unconventional form creates a sense of visual interest and dynamism, drawing the eye upward towards the sky.

The building's interior spaces are organized efficiently, with ample natural light filtering through strategically placed windows and openings.

The use of concrete as the primary building material lends an industrial yet elegant aesthetic to the interior spaces, creating a sense of solidity and permanence.


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