Taguig has proven itself to be a cradle of beauty and grace, with its representatives consistently making waves in national beauty pageants.

Over the past few years, three remarkable Taguigeñas have not only made their mark but have also set high standards of excellence in the Miss Universe Philippines competitions.

Katrina Jayne Dimaranan: Miss Universe Philippines Tourism 2021

Katrina Jayne Dimaranan, who was 28, clinched the title of Miss Universe Philippines Tourism 2021. Her stunning looks and eloquence won her not just the title but also several special awards.

She was honored as the Face of Belo SunExpert, highlighting her radiant beauty, and received the Miss SavePoint Plus award for her remarkable presence and poise.

Maria Katrina Llegado: 2nd Runner-up, Miss Universe Philippines 2022

Maria Katrina Llegado's journey in the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 competition was nothing short of spectacular. She emerged as the 2nd runner-up, showcasing her elegance and intelligence.

Additionally, her captivating arrival look earned her the Frontrow Best Arrival Look (Netizens' Choice) award. She also took home the titles of Miss Philippine Airlines and Miss CAD, further solidifying her status as a standout contestant.

Christi Lynn McGarry: 4th Runner-up, Miss Universe Philippines 2024

In the recent Miss Universe Philippines 2024 pageant, Christi Lynn McGarry, 33 years old, continued the legacy of Taguigeña excellence by securing the 4th runner-up position.

Her achievements did not stop there; she was also awarded Ms. Wuling 2024, Ms. So En, and Ms. Jewelmer. Christi's performance was a testament to her dedication and versatility in the highly competitive pageant scene.

Consistent Excellence: Taguig's Top 5 Streak

In the last four Miss Universe Philippines pageants, Taguig has had three representatives who consistently made it to the Top 5. This remarkable streak underscores the city's strong presence and influence in the national beauty pageant circuit. Taguig's dedication to nurturing and celebrating beauty, intelligence, and talent is evident through the successes of Katrina Jayne Dimaranan, Maria Katrina Llegado, and Christi Lynn McGarry.

Looking Forward: Aiming for the Crown

With such an impressive track record, the question on everyone's mind is: Will Taguig finally bring home the Miss Universe Philippines crown next year? The city's pageant community remains hopeful and supportive, eagerly anticipating the next representative who will carry the Taguigeña banner to new heights.

As Taguig continues to celebrate its beauty queens' achievements, the city's spirit and determination shine brighter than ever. The legacy of excellence and grace set by these incredible women inspires future candidates to dream big and reach for the crown.


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