Here are the new schedule and rules for Taguig Eco Park.

Starting May 28, 2024, Taguig Eco Park will adopt new operating hours, opening from 6 AM to 6 PM, Tuesday through Sunday.

This change ensures the park remains accessible during peak hours while allocating Mondays for essential maintenance. By closing on Mondays, the park management aims to maintain the park’s infrastructure and natural beauty, ensuring a safe and clean environment for all visitors.

The park has also introduced a new rule for its playground area: only children wearing socks will be permitted to play.

This measure is likely implemented to enhance hygiene and safety within the play zones, reducing the risk of injuries and maintaining cleanliness. Parents are encouraged to bring socks for their children to avoid any inconvenience and ensure they can fully enjoy the playground facilities.

Visitors can continue to enjoy picnics in the park, with the added convenience of free picnic mats provided by the Eco Park management.

By offering these mats, the management supports a clean and organized picnic area, helping to preserve the park’s pristine condition for future visitors.


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