The Bicutan Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) System is a groundbreaking transportation project currently underway in the City of Taguig, Philippines.

Bicutan Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) System

The innovative system, which is still under construction as of 2020, represents a significant leap forward in the realm of mass transit in the Philippines, promising enhanced efficiency, convenience, and sustainability for commuters in the bustling metropolitan area of Metro Manila.

Contrary to some initial media reports labeling it as a monorail, the Bicutan AGT System distinguishes itself by utilizing two parallel concrete beams to form its track. This unique design contributes to its stability and operational efficiency, setting it apart from traditional rail-based transit systems.

Service and Technical Specifications

The Bicutan AGT System falls under the category of Automated Guideway Transit, representing a modern approach to public transportation characterized by automated operations and advanced technology integration. Once operational, it is slated to service the Taguig C-6 route, providing commuters with seamless connectivity to key destinations within the metropolitan area.

Key technical specifications of the Bicutan AGT System include

Track Length: The test track spans 372 meters (1,220 feet), offering engineers and developers an opportunity to fine-tune the system's performance before full-scale implementation. The planned network is expected to extend over 6.9 kilometers (4.3 miles), significantly expanding the reach of the transit system.

Number of Tracks: Initially designed with a single track configuration, the Bicutan AGT System optimizes space and infrastructure while maintaining operational efficiency.

Operating Speed: With a projected operating speed of 50-60 kilometers per hour (31-37 miles per hour), the AGT System promises swift and reliable transportation for passengers traversing the bustling urban landscape of Metro Manila.

Highest Elevation: The system is engineered to reach elevations of up to 10 meters (33 feet), further enhancing its adaptability to varying terrain and urban environments.

Benefits and Impact

The introduction of the Bicutan AGT System heralds a new era of transportation excellence in the Philippines, with several notable benefits and anticipated impacts, including:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By leveraging automation and advanced transit technologies, the AGT System streamlines operations and minimizes delays, ensuring timely and reliable service for commuters.

  • Reduced Environmental Footprint: With its emphasis on electrification and sustainable transportation practices, the Bicutan AGT System contributes to efforts aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating environmental impact.

  • Improved Connectivity: By connecting key residential, commercial, and industrial hubs within Metro Manila, the AGT System fosters greater accessibility and mobility for commuters, facilitating economic growth and development.

  • Technological Innovation: As a pioneering project in the realm of transit infrastructure, the Bicutan AGT System showcases the Philippines' commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to address evolving transportation needs.

Project Status

As of the latest updates, the Bicutan AGT System remains under construction, signaling an exciting phase of development for transportation infrastructure in the Philippines. Situated within the vibrant City of Taguig in Metro Manila, this cutting-edge transit system is poised to redefine the way commuters navigate the urban landscape.

The Bicutan Automated Guideway Transit System represents a bold step forward in the quest for efficient, sustainable, and inclusive transportation solutions in the Philippines. As the project progresses and reaches completion, it is poised to redefine the urban landscape of Metro Manila while setting new standards for excellence in mass transit infrastructure.


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