The City Government of Taguig started its distribution of school packages to the students of the City, including those from its 10 new EMBO barangays on Tuesday, August 22.

Depending on their grade level, Taguigueño students will receive a school package consisting of  bag, daily and PE uniforms, socks, black shoes, rubber shoes, and complete set of basic school supplies.

Daycare and Kindergarten students will receive additional items such as emergency contact cards, and health kit containing bag, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand towel, and alcohol spray.

The distribution of free school uniforms in Taguig carries significant implications for the city's educational landscape. By addressing the financial challenges that some families face in acquiring uniforms, the program aims to reduce absenteeism and improve school attendance rates.

Free school supplies distribution in Upper Bicutan Elementary School

The City of Taguig also formally launched at Pitogo High School on Tuesday the Lifeline Assistance for Neighbors In-need (LANI) Scholarship Program for students in EMBO barangays. The City will be offering scholarships not only to Senior High School graduates, but to all qualified residents of the city's 10 new barangays.

Free school supplies distribution in Pitogo National High School

Additionally, this initiative sends a powerful message about the importance of education as a right accessible to all, regardless of economic circumstances. By fostering a sense of belonging and pride among students through their school uniforms, Taguig hopes to create a conducive learning environment that encourages engagement, participation, and academic excellence.

This move by Taguig is part of a broader strategy to enhance the overall quality of education within the city. By acknowledging that access to education extends beyond the classroom and includes essential items like uniforms, Taguig demonstrates a proactive approach to nurturing the development of its youth.

As the program unfolds, it is anticipated that the distribution of free school uniforms will contribute to the overall growth and empowerment of the student population, fostering a culture of learning, equity, and inclusivity that benefits the entire community.


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