This coffee shop will bring you to Bali, Indonesia without you leaving the country!

Branded as "Bali-inspired", this coffee shop located at a top of a building in the homey areas of Central Signal Village will give you a nice view of different vantage points in Taguig.

Sevi Coffee drinks

Sevi Coffee is one of the newest cafes opened last year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and now one of the top spots for coffee in the city!

Why Sevi Coffee?

According to Pat, one of the owners, the coffee shop's name came from their son's name, Sevi. With their love to coffee and traveling to Bali, Indonesia, they've decided to bring the vibe of the cafes in the said place to their hometown.

Today, Sevi Coffee serves as the nearest and more affordable coffee shop in the neighborhood of Signal Village and the surrounding barangays, making people to go and chill over a cup of coffee at their convenience. Not to mention their sumptuous food selections.

Bali Vibe Ambiance

The tropical theme and the al fresco setup remind us of those beach-side cafes in Bali.

New Food & Drinks

Last June, the Team Taguigeno was lucky to get a chance to visit Sevi Coffee in an afternoon siesta. We were introduced with their newest products:

Salted Matcha Cream
A twist of salted matcha cream-based ice blended.

XO Caramel Blanca
This one is an iced coffee made with XO (the candy, yes) with caramel and milk.

XO Caramel Blanca

Both drinks are so refreshing! Just perfect for the afternoon siesta in an al fresco dining.

For the food, we had their pastas and flat breads:

Polo Bianca
This one is drizzled with olive oil, garlic and white sauce topped by pan-seared chicken.

Garlic Shrimp
A buttery Shrimp Pizza covered with crispy garlic bits and combination of cheeses.

Chicken Alfredo
Seared chicken breasts covered with our very own dreamy white sauce.

Pasta Arabiata
Specifically our “Angry Pasta”. A spicy tomato-based pasta with chicken breast cooked with chili flakes.

For desserts, we had their bestselling Fudgy Brownie and Milky Cheese signature muffins (as per availability).

Muffins are FREE on your birthday!

Watch the mini vlog here.

Sevi Helps

Sevi Coffee has launched a project entitled #SeviHelps a project intends to help those in need, those unfortunate readers who do not have enough resources to buy books or reading materials. 

Customers are welcome to DONATE BOOKS in exchange of freebies from the coffee shop. Some of the books are displayed on this bookshelves for public use.

Sevi Coffee PH

Location: 4/F, Jopare Building, No. 9 Rongo St. Central Signal Taguig City [ Google Maps ]
Operating Hours: 12nn to 11pm daily
Facebook: Sevi Coffee PH

Sevi Coffee Menu

Sevi Coffee is not only known for their refreshing drinks but with their delectable food choices!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you still open during your store renovations?
  • Yes! Open daily from 12 noon to 11pm

Where can we see your Food and Coffee Menu?
  • You can check it on the Menu Tab at Sevi Coffee Facebook Home Page, Facebook’s featured/pinned post or Sevi Coffee Instagram Profile.

Do you deliver?
  • Yes, just fill up our order form.
    • Name: 
    • Pin Location:
    • Contact number:
    • Orders:
    • Mode of Payment:

Do you have wifi?
  • No, but we do have charging outlets.

Do you allow pets?
  • Pets are very much welcome.

Do you accept reservations?
  • Yes! For events and weekdays. But first come, first serve on weekends.

Where are you located?
Jopare Bldg.
  • Waze/Pin location: Sevi Coffee
  • Located at: 4/F The Venue by Jopare infront of Gazz Station along Rongo street at the back of Jun Dueñas Gymnasium

Do you have parking spaces?
  • Limited parking slots available but you can park at the streets 6pm onwards (park at your own risk)

Do you accept card payments?
  • We only accept Cash and Gcash payment.

The Venue by Sevi Coffee

Recently this year, Sevi Coffee started to renovate and improve the bigger space just next to the cafe which was called, "The Venue by Jopare".

The place is now renamed as "The Venue by Sevi Coffee" and they accept special events such as Baptism, Birthday, Wedding, Reception and Corporate Events, etc.

For packages and pricing, please message us on our exclusive page, The Venue by Sevi Coffee.


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