Learn about Iglesia Filipina Independiente in Ligid-Tipas.


Parish of St. John the Baptist

The Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) or Aglipayano Church is located at Ordonez Street, Barangay Ligid-Tipas, Taguig City. It is at the exact location of 14°32'28.7"N 121°04'50.4"E on a land area of ​​about 500 square meters. It is just next to the Dambang Kawayan church opposite Plaza Bonifacio.

The church is one of Taguig's Significant Tangible Immovable Heritage under Churches, Temples and Places of Worship category.

It was founded on June 3, 1903 in the desire of the people of Tipas to have a patriotic, free, scientific and democratic religion that is not subject to the rule of the Iglesia Catolica Apostolica Romana which was then led by Spanish priests.


The establishment of the Aglipay church in Tipas was rooted in the fact that the people of Tipas had some disagreements with the Bishop of Pasig and the Parish Priest of the Taguig church, Father Cecilio Damian, at the time just after the Philippine-American war.

It all started with Father Silvino Labao, the first Filipino Parish Priest in the Taguig church who came from Tipas Taguig, who was appointed on February 24, 1900 was transferred to another town by the Bishop and replaced by Father Cecilio Damian from in Pasig.

In the event, some Catholics from Tipas did not like what the Bishop did. Led by Atty. Juan Natividad and Mr. Marcelo Dela Paz called to establish and side with the Aglipayano church established by Bishop Gregorio Aglipay on August 3, 1902. This happened and their chosen Patron was also the Patron of the guest of the Dambang Kawayan who San Juan Bautista and the first appointed Parish Priest was Padre Angel Acosta (1903-1908).

Many people from Tipas joined the IFI, especially those from Ligid and Ibayo. It even expanded to Napindan and Bagumbayan. Because of this, the two religions became more heated. There are times when its members do not pay attention when meeting in processions and other gatherings. But soon the relationship between the Tipas people also became good.

It served as a new hope in the development of the patriotic and independent faith in the people of Taguig. The church of Aglipay in Tipas is witness to the historical events of the town of Taguig. Because it was once turned into a prison by suspected guerrillas from Tipas on December 1, 1944 when the Japanese had a zone in Tipas during the second world war.

Among those arrested and taken away by the Japanese was the parish priest of Aglipay, Padre Narciso Umali due to the discovery of two (2) rifles behind the altar of the church. Padre Umali was among the 300 men imprisoned by the Japanese in Fort Santiago, all of whom never returned alive.

Altar of Iglesia Filipina Independiente in Tipas

The Parish Priests Of IFI in Tipas

Rev. Fr Angel Acosta
Rev. Fr Arcadio Pacis
Rev. Fr Felix De Leon
Rev. Fr Antonio Joaquin
Rev. Fr Simon Oriel
Rev. Fr Alejandro Romillino
Rev. Fr I.N Castillio
Rev. Fr Marcelo Francisco
Rev. Fr Felipe Victorino
Rev. Fr Modesto Dinguinbayan
Rev.Fr Cerefino Ramirez
Rev. Fr Severino Simon
Rev. Fr Narciso Mariano
Rev. Fr Domingo Sanchez
Rev. Fr Narciso Umali
Rev. Fr Genaro Aldana
Rev. Fr Narciso Umali
Rev. Fr Proceso Carlos
Rev. Fr Genaro Aldana
Rev. Fr Eugenio Loreto
Rev. Fr Silvestre Ibarra
Rev. Fr Celso Rana
Rev. Fr Macarthur Cruz
Rev. Fr Macario Ballesteros
Rev. Fr Eugenio Loreto
Rev. Fr Vito Villalon
Rev. Fr Gregorio Aragones
Rev. Fr Generoso Rosales
Most Rev. Sotero Mitra
Rev. Fr Rosalino Acacio Jr.
Rev. Fr Ernesto Cimatu
Rev. Fr Ernesto Halina
Rev. Fr Nixon Jose
Rev. Fr Gavin Ladao
Rev. Fr Roberto Salazar
Rev. Fr Ricardo Aliwalas
Rev. Fr Rennie Delos Santos
Rev. Fr Carlito Jimenez
Rev. Fr Ercil Espinosa
Rev. Fr Zaldy Pababaer


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