Cong. Lani seeks comeback as Taguig City Mayor and Mayor Lino gives way, full supports Cong. Lani. 

As incumbent Taguig Mayor Lino Cayetano will not run for reelection, he pledged to continue the city’s pandemic response and lead the effort toward economic recovery. 

“I will continue to focus on the problems on the programs and issues [of our city],” said Mayor Lino in a recorded video. “In the coming months, while the rest of the nation focus on the elections, we in Taguig will focus on the solutions needed by our citizens.”

In the video, he thanked the citizens for their unity, cooperation and bayanihan. He also enumerated the successes of the city in its pandemic response, including the lowest case fatality rates, most number of government-run testing sites built and among the fastest vaccine rollouts in the National Capital Region.

He also mentioned the upcoming development of the city’s public employment service office into a competitive job center and the launching of MSME offices.

On the last day of filing for certificates of candidacy, the Taguig District 2 representative officially launched a bid for the city’s mayoral seat, a position she previously held for three terms. 

“I will give way and I fully accept it because I believe in the leadership of Ate Lani,” said Mayor Lino.

“Fellow citizens, it has been my life’s greatest privilege to serve you,” Mayor Lino concluded.


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