“ConnecTaguig” links up citizens to free, high-speed WiFi

The probinsyudad is connecting hundreds of thousands of its residents to the worldwide web beginning today.

Through “ConnecTaguig,” Taguigeños will now enjoy public Wi-Fi in over 60 locations all over the city, all free of charge.

In rites on Friday, the city simultaneously activated Wi-Fi hotspots in 28 barangay halls, 31 health centers, 3 Super Health Centers and 6 other locations: Taguig City University, Taguig City Hall, Lakeshore Hall, Mercado Del Lago, TLC Park and the Taguig Pateros District Hospital (TPDH).

“The Internet can be a great equalizer,” said Mayor Lani Cayetano of the initiative. “We know it can truly empower our citizens if we give them access to it, and help them use it as a channel for awareness and positive change.”

ConnecTaguig will provide each device (mobile, laptop, tablet) 90 minutes of Internet access per day, the longest provided by any local government unit in the National Capital Region. All other LGUs can provide only between 30 minutes and an hour of access.


How to connect

Looping into the WiFi network is easy: 

  1. Connect to the “ConnecTAGUIG-iloveTAGUIG” network;
  2. tick off “I accept the terms of use” in the popup and click “Connect”; then 
  3. begin surfing after getting to the landing page which is the city’s official Facebook page (I Love Taguig) www.facebook.com/taguigcity.

“I see so many benefitting from our free and high-speed Internet. It can help netizens update authorities on accidents and crimes and connect to loved ones miles away,” said Mayor Cayetano. “This can even help stay-at-home moms who want to start an online business, talents raring to go viral with their song covers and other content, and groups spreading their advocacies to a larger audience.”

Clients at the City Hall and barangay halls can now get their social media fix while waiting for their transactions to proceed. Hotspots in Lakeshore Hall, Mercado del Lago and TLC Park can now provide added value to barkada hangouts and family dates.

Patients and visitors at Taguig-Pateros District Hospital, health centers and Super Health Centers can now freely browse the Web. Blended learning can now get a boost at the city-owned Taguig City University; students can get the chance to deepen improve research skills and update themselves on issues right on campus.

Connecting thousands of residents daily

In fact, the complimentary Wi-Fi can serve more than 200,000 residents a day. Each location is able to provide access to 2,500 citizens daily. These are active for 16 hours a day, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

In the six public places where the free WiFi is available, kiosks will serve as markers for the service. The kiosks will also project important updates, announcements and programs and flash hotline numbers and advisories from the City Hall.

As part of ConnecTaguig, all public schools across the city will also become WiFi hotspots before the opening of classes.

“We want to teach Taguigenos to use ConnecTaguig for something that will make them more aware. We want to share news, updates and happenings which are positive, inspirational, and whichh will help build good relationships in communities and connect them to the world,” said Mayor Cayetano.


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